What is Thread Count in Bedsheet?


Bedsheets are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sleep accessories. They not only aid in sleep but also provide an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. When it comes to sinking into the bed, you want the bed sheet to feel as silky as smooth and soft as is possible. The factor that affects the smoothness and softness of the bedsheet is its thread count. So what is thread count in a bedsheet? This article will help clarify that for you.

What is Thread Count in Bed Sheet?

The most important factor to look at when you buy bedsheets apart from your personal preferences is the thread count of the bedsheet. The pertinent question is, what is thread count in a bedsheet? This can be easily answered. Thread count is the amount of both vertical and horizontal threads per square inch of the bedsheet. To break it down for you, it is simply the number of threads in the bedsheet calculated per square inch.

Does Thread Count Matter?

In one word, yes, thread count matters. But it should be within the normal range. A good rule of thumb is between 180 and 300. The details are listed below:

  • Less than 180: The quality of the bedsheet will be very inferior to the point that you will be able to make out tiny holes between the threads.
  • 180 – 300: The quality at 180 is normal. It improves as the thread count increases with 300 being of premium quality.
  • Over 300: It’s a very common marketing practice to promote the concept that a higher thread count implies better quality. This holds true but up to a certain extent. A bedsheet with 1000 thread count will be inferior to a bed sheet with only 300 thread count. This is because manufacturers will inflate the threads using multiple-ply to reach that count rendering thee bed sheet heavy and scratchy.

So basically, anything over 300 is just a sheet made from multi-ply thread.

What Thread Count to Look For?

To keep it simple, you want to look for a thread count between eh range of 180 and 300 depending on the quality you want and your budget allowance. For a normal decent quality bed sheet, you want to look at 200 to 250 thread count. Premium quality requires a minimum of 250 onwards.

Which are The Best Bed Sheets?

The finest bed sheets have the following characteristics:

  • A thread count of 300 to 350 max
  • Single-ply organic cotton
  • Yarn diameter of 60 to 100

How to Choose a Good Bed Sheet?

You should keep in mind some pointers to help you choose a good bedsheet. These are:

  • Try to keep thread count between 180 to 300
  • Material used
  • Size
  • Color
  • Pattern or Design
  • Brand

Where to Buy?

Always try to shop from a reliable store and buy trusted brands. It’s easy to fall for the marketing gimmick, but after reading the basics here, you should be well versed in quality bed sheets. Some online stores are:


Thread count is just a factor when it comes to good bed sheet quality. Remember, thread count depends on the type of material used and the yarn size. If the material is polyester, the thread count will not render it soft and cool, like in the case of cotton. Also, three-ply will make the sheets scratchier than a single ply. So thread count bears to be kept in mind but should not be your only guiding force.

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