What is the Step down Transformer and how it is important?

by Jeewan Garg Digital Marketing Company in India

Generally, a transformer made to increase the voltage from the primary windings to the secondary windings but Step down transformers are specially designed to reduce the voltage from the primary winding to the secondary winding. This type of transformer "steps up" the low voltage to a higher voltage that’s why it is called Step down transformer.

In this article, we will not tell you the uses and work performance of the step-down transformer but also let you about the best step down transformer manufacturer in India. But before let’s just have a look at the working criteria and uses of the step-down transformer.

How does a step-down transformer work?

It is an electrical tool with a single winding of wire placed near to other windings used with two or more alternating-current (AC) circuits together.  A step-down transformer also employs the induction among the windings that is linked with a power source called primary winding and other known as secondary winding.    

Normally, a transformer in which if the secondary voltage is superior from primary voltage known as step-up transformer but in case the primary voltage is superior to secondary voltage then it comes with a step-up transformer. Meanwhile, the voltage is regular in every set of windings, so that in step-up transformer, the voltage augment in the secondary is accompanied by the parallel decrease. Hence, step down transformer can only step a voltage down from a higher voltage.

Uses of Step down transformer:

At present, there are many filed where only step down transformers are required. Although, a number of transformer tools are used in an electric power system along with the small units in electronic applications. In Both, whether it is Industrial or residential power transformer, the line often is single phase or three phases.  It shaped to take care of high voltage and other currents issues everywhere.

However, at many places, an efficient power transmission requires a step-up transformer at the power-generating station to raise voltages, with a parallel decrease of voltages. At that stage when voltage loss is proportional to the square of the current times so that even very high or low voltages are used for long-distance transmission lines to reduce any power losses. At the end, step down transformers decrease the voltage, and in turn, increase the current both in residential or any industrial voltage requirement.

Best step down transformer manufacturer in India:

It is mandatory to know about the best step down transformer manufacturer in India before buying one for your industry of residential use, only then you can ensure good performance. As an expert, I would like to suggest you go ahead with ‘Servo Star’ for better step down transformer with desired performance. Get in touch with their expert and engineers for more details. They can let you know which transformer would be suitable for our organization as per the use and types of the electricity you have got in your area.

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