What Is The Role Of Ratan Khatri In Satta Matka?



Today everyone is enjoying Satta matka games from their own comfort. Playing the game they love and earning from it. But do you know how this game was introduced in the market and what is the foundation of this game? Today the game we are playing is the evolution of the historic game “Worli”. So if you want to know the role of Ratan Khatri then it is important for you to know how the game Worli is introduced. So let's dive into it right away but first of all if you are a fan of satta matka games and want to give these games a try then visit our website satta jodi and play the game of your choice.

What is Worli and how is it introduced?

Before the invention of the Satta matka games, people used to bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton. This cotton was imported from the New York cotton exchange to the Bombay Cotton exchange and the player had to guess the exact price of the cotton in order to win the game. But due to some issues, this process was stopped by the New York cotton exchange, and the player who was addicted to betting was left with no option to fulfill their betting hunger.

How Ratan Khatri Fulfills The demand

The demand for the game was very high and at this crucial point, Ratan Khatri played a major role. In the year 1960, he introduced the matka game “Worli”. The rules were simple at the start of the game. Khatri himself wrote the pair of numbers on the piece of paper and put all the cheats in the earthen pot. Now the player has to bet on which pair he draws first from the earthen pot and if the player guesses the numbers correctly he was declared as a winner and rewarded double the money of his initial investment. The game was easy to play and the returns were also in the favor of the player because of which this game gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

With time this game evolved and instead of cheating a pair of cards were used to draw the result. The game like Kalyan Matka and Balaji Day that we are playing today is the evolution of the same game Worli but with time technology is introduced and the playing process of the game changes but the rules of the game are the same as they were in 1960.

Now the player can play this game from anywhere in the world thanks to the hundreds of gaming apps available on the internet. In 1960 it was mandatory for the player to present physically but with the help of gaming apps the player could play this game from anywhere around the world. So this is how Ratan Khatri played a major role in the satta matka evolution.


Worli began as a straightforward game in which Khatri would write a pair of numbers on a piece of paper and set it in an earthen pot. A player who correctly predicted which pair would be pulled first from the pot would win and receive a return on their initial wager. The gameplay's simplicity and allure contributed to the game's quick rise in popularity. Additionally, because of advancements in technology, players can now access and play satta matka games through a variety of gaming apps from any location in the world. The extension and accessibility of the game were made possible by Ratan Khatri's contribution to the Satta matka evolution, securing the game's current popularity among aficionados. 

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