What is the best way to clean the upholstery?

by Kian W. Melbourne Vacate and Carpet Cleaning

The smell of new upholstered furniture is heavenly! Not to mention the way it looks and feels. It's soft, comfortable, and, most importantly, completely clean! But as the weeks and months pass, your brand new upholstery begins to smell dusty, looks dingy, and feels dirty. It's true that if upholstery isn't cleaned or maintained on a regular basis, it ages quickly, making the entire room look drab. Nobody wants that, so if you need your upholstered furniture cleaned, you've come to the right place!

Here's a step-by-step guide to cleaning upholstery furniture by professional upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne for the cleanest and safest results!

Step 1: Thoroughly vacuum the upholstery.

The enemy is dust! When cleaning, dust gets smeared across your sofa and cushions if they are not properly vacuumed, making a much bigger mess. As a result, skipping step 1 when cleaning upholstery furniture is never a good idea. Vacuum the entire couch with a soft brush attachment, removing all surface dirt and dust. Vacuum between crevices or cracks to remove any hidden dirt or particles.

Step 2: Begin with the most visible stains.

If you discover stains or patches of discoloration caused by dirt and dust accumulation over time, first spot clean these areas. Vinegar is quite effective in removing carpet stains, but you can also purchase a special upholstery cleaning agent for stain removal. When purchasing a cleaner, remember to specify the type of material your upholstery is made of, as certain materials require specially formulated cleaning agents. Also, before using vinegar or any other cleaning product on your upholstery, test it in an inconspicuous area first. Allow it to dry completely before inspecting for damage. Once you've received the all-clear signal, start spot cleaning by pouring the cleaner onto a cloth.

Step 3: Begin the Deep Cleaning!

Again, you can buy a suitable cleaning product for your upholstery material or create your own cleaning solution by combining a mild laundry detergent with warm water. Soak and wring a clean microfiber cloth in this solution before gently wiping the entire surface of the upholstery, allowing some of the soapy solution to penetrate the fabric for a thorough clean. Take care not to let too much water soak into the sofa; wring the cloth thoroughly after each dip in the solution. You might need more than one microfiber cloth. It is critical to keep the cloth clean while wiping so that no dirt from the cloth is transferred back onto the upholstery. For carpet cleaning services in Melbourne visit: Carpet cleaning services Melbourne

Step 4: Let Your Freshly Cleaned Upholstery Dry

Allow as much air in the room as possible to dry your sofa. Open all of the windows in the room, set the fan to high speed, and leave it there until all of the dampness has dried up.

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How to keep your sofa clean?

Include regular vacuuming in your schedule to keep your sofa clean all the time, and clean up any food or drink spills right away to avoid staining the fabric. You can try to keep your pets away from the sofa, or simply provide them with a blanket so they have a special place next to you when you sit. Another method for protecting your upholstered furniture is to use a fabric protection product.

If you don’t have time to clean your upholstery, then you should hire professional upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. Professional cleaning services use quality cleaning supplies and tools to deeply clean your upholstery without damaging it.


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