What is Test Tube Baby Treatment and Cost Procedure

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The test tube baby treatment is also known as IVF, in vitro fertilization this treatment is used for those couples who are unable to conceive a baby or have any kind of inability to conceive a pregnancy. With the help of modern (ART ) Assistive Reproductive Technology this issue can be treated and this reproductive system known as infertility issues. And if you are one of the couples looking for a way to get pregnant then test tube baby treatment is the best option for you because the success rate of test tube baby treatment in India is very high as compared to other treatments.


What is the Test Tube Baby Treatment Procedure


In first you have to visit your fertility doctor for health checkups and ultrasound. In any case, if you need any medication then the doctor will recommend you as per the health condition because for some couples doctor needs to give medication to control the hormonal levels and sugar levels.


Within 1 week you doctor is going to call you for another visit where your fertility doctor will check if the medication worked well or not hormonal levels are ok and ultrasound test will be also done.  Right after this, if everything worked out well then the doctor will start the egg retrieval process where an egg and semen sample is going to be taken from your body and from your partner body and then IVF doctor will fertilize these eggs and semen in the lab to create embryos. In any case, if you’re the male partner sperm is not high quality or with low motility then the doctor will recommend you sperm donor and egg donor which may increase your test tube baby cost.


Once the embryos are created your doctor will directly insert embryos into women’s uterus where the development of the embryo will begin. And with 2 to 3 weeks after treatment, you will again visit for pregnancy check-up and for a baby health check-up because it is very important for the doctor to check whether the development of the baby is going properly or not.



The Test Tube Baby Cost in India


The basic test tube baby cost in India is about Rs.90,000 to Rs.2,50,000 but this cost of treatment can go higher as per medical condition also this cost if just a basic treatment cost this cost can go high or lower as per the current medical condition of the couples also the cost of test tube baby treatment depends on centre to centre and it is never fixed it always chances parson to parson and as per health conditions. But still, the test tube baby cost in India is the most affordable test tube baby treatment cost as compared to other countries like US, UK, Canada, and Australia the test tube baby cost in India is very reasonable.


Basic Test Tube Baby Cost in India City Wise : -


Delhi -                 Rs.1,25,000

Pune –                 Rs.1,35,000

Kolkata –             Rs.1,40,000

Bangalore  –       Rs.1,40,000

Hyderabad -        Rs.1,60,000

Mumbai -             Rs.1,60,000


This is just a the city-wise basic cost of treatment this cost is not fixed it can go higher as per medical condition, this test tube baby treatment will just give a basic idea of treatment cost but there are many factors that influence the cost so you might see a bit different in cost at your current time.





The test tube baby cost in India is the most affordable treatment cost for infertility that’s why many couples visit India for test tube baby treatment also because of the test tube baby treatment success rate in India is also very high.

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