What is Self Drilling Soil Nail?

by Simone S. sinorockco

Soil Nail Introduction

Soil Nail is a supporting measure, which is usually to be applied to treat unstable conditions, such as man-made slopes, unstable tunnels, and foundations. As a mature technology, Soil Nail is widely used.

Soil Nail Types

Drilled and grouted Soil Nail, Driven Soil Nail, and Jet Grouted Soil Nail

The main construction process of these types of soil nails contains 3 steps.

First, we must use a drilling machine to drill in the soil to be supported so that we can get a hole with the required diameter and depth. When encountering unstable conditions, we have to drill with a casing followed to avoid the hole collapsing. Thus, the construction efficiency will decrease much.

Then, we put a rebar or anchor bolt in the hole as the main structure of the soil nail.

Finally, we fill the hole with concrete or other grouting materials. After that, a plate and a nut will be installed on the naked part of the rebar or anchor bolt to give a pre-stress. If the wall has a deformation, the soil nail will prevent it from getting worse.

To protect the soil nail from corroding, in some cases, the rebar or anchor bolt will be coated by epoxy or hot-dip galvanized, such as seaport, acid, and alkali mist, as well as occasions with high requirements for service life and complex environments in the field of geotechnical engineering.

Self Drilling Soil Nail Introduction

What is Self Drilling Soil Nail?

Self Drilling Soil Nail is one of the soil nails, which uses self drilling anchor bolt as the nail. Its construction is much more simple. The construction process of Self Drilling Anchor Bolt mainly contains one step: Drilling and Grouting.

The self drilling anchor bolt has six components, a hollow bar, a drill bit, a coupler, a plate, a nut, and a centralizer. It can combine drilling, grouting, and anchoring in one process. Self drilling anchor bolt system is safe, efficient, and convenient. It is suitable for broken rock, loose soil, and geological conditions where is difficult to drill holes. It helps to ensure the anchoring effect in complex ground conditions and achieve the best construction result.

What advantages does Self Drilling Soil Nail have?

1. Simplify the construction process: Self Drilling Soil Nail combines drilling and grouting together, no matter what soil conditions.

2. More cost-effective: More efficiency and cost less. Using Self Drilling Soil nails can lower the cost.

3. Faster to install: Because there is a continuous wave on the surface of self drilling soil nail, it can be installed very fast and easily.

4. More convenient to support unstable conditions.

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