What is Pod Device? What are its Pros and Cons?

by Jhon S. JhonSopnit

Summary: The present article is all about pod device. It talks about pod vape device and the various pros and cons it has.

If you are fond of e-cigs you must have come across the term pod vape. A pod vape is an e-cigarette which uses a pod in place of an atomizer or a vape tank.  Here is everything that you ever want to know about the pod vape like what it is, what are its pros and cons, how long it lasts and a lot more.

What is a Pod Vape?

Also known as pod device, pod vape is an e-cig which comprises of a battery that attaches to the vape pod containing the e-liquid. It forms the entire pod system. Pod vapes are different from the different types of e-cigs because of their use of the nicotine salts. They are high-powered, sub-ohm vapes are designed to work with the e-liquids which has free base nicotine.

Pod vapes are designed primarily to work with the vape juices which contain nic salts. There are two major benefits of these vapes. Nic salts are smoother and their hit on the throat gives a pleasant sensation. Other than that, they also increase the nicotine absorption rate. These devices are simply great for the cigarette smokers who want to make the switch.

What are the Pros and Cons of Pod Vapes?

There are a number of advantages as well disadvantages of the pod vapes.

They are compact:

Pod systems are far more compact than the various types of vape mods available in the market. This makes them a more suitable option for the smokers who do not want to spend much on the vaping device but still want a good amount of vapor production.

They are simple to use:

Pods are immensely easy to use, thanks to the simple designs that they have. Most of the pod systems lack buttons and resemble to the cig a-likes. Pods make use of the sensors that can detect the usage and can produce a good amount of vapor.

They are affordable:

Though pod systems have varying prices but they are a budget-friendly option. Vapers on a budget choose this pod system.

Work With Nic Salts:

Vape pods work with nic salt e-liquids which give the users a superior level of absorption and it does not hit the throat also.

Cons of the pod device:

There are certain cons also like:

They have small batteries:

As the pod systems are much smaller when compared to the other high powdered devices, here batteries are small as well. If you are a heavy vaper, the device would not be suitable for you as it will need a recharge.

They do not produce thick vape clouds:

If you are the one who love producing thick vape clouds, the pod systems are not good for you. They cannot create thick plumes of vapor. You can reach out to Air factory which is unique vape company dealing with e-juices and pod systems. 

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