What is Platelet Rich Plasma hair therapy and how Is it done

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Baldness has become a worrying issue over the years. Male pattern baldness has been terrorizing a lot of people while hormonal changes and problems related to hormones are playing a part in getting the women bald. One can't help but ponder as to why this is happening.


The answer lies in the fact that pollution, stress, one's environment are some of the biggest factors contributing to the increasing baldness problem. With the age of skincare on the horizon, a lot of people have turned to home remedies and various lotions to somehow halt baldness from progressing to worse or are trying to not allow it to even begin but very little can be done in this matter.


One's genes also play an important part in the balding of a person and so one might fail to stop it but they should not worry as a lot of ways have come up to regain lost hair via various methods. While some people opt to go for a wig, others simply embrace bald heads but some people want that shiny hair back and this is where Platelet rich Plasma hair therapy comes to the rescue.


What is Platelet-rich Plasma hair therapy?

As the name suggests this method of hair therapy involves plasma to generate hair growth. The therapy is a 3 step process that is done to get the hair back on one's head naturally. Under this method the plasma used is from one's blood and the process is proclaimed as natural.


Platelet-rich Plasma therapy explained step by step

The three-step process is carried out three times and each one needs to be done after a month or a month and a half so the process can be a long one. This is what goes into the treatment,


  1. Firstly, blood is drawn from the arm of the person who has opted for the therapy. The blood is usually taken from the arm but may be taken from somewhere else in certain cases if required.
  2. The blood is then put into the centrifuge machine where it is separated into various components. After a few minutes when the contents have been separated, the platelet-rich plasma is taken leaving out the other contents.
  3. Lastly, this platelet-rich blood is drawn into a syringe and injected into the scalp of the patient. The injection is inserted in the areas where the person is facing balding issues.


These three steps are done three times to provide the best results. Also, the treatment might require a regular check-up twice or thrice a year like timely maintenance. So, that's how platelet rich plasma hair therapy is done.


The treatment might cost a person anywhere between 1000 to 4000 dollars as per the area or service provider. Anyone looking to get the therapy done can visit FresnoHair's website and check the details of the procedure and get it done via them. The company boasts of expertise in the balding area and has experience of over 40 years along with the best deals.



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