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What is piles? If you suffer from repeated or recurring hemorrhoids, you know how desperate you are to need relief during a push. Many health professionals can tell you for years that some people are just hemorrhoids and you just have to treat the symptoms as they happen. 

It's absurd The human body is amazing and designed for health, not for disease. In fact, with rare exceptions, your body will cure hemorrhoids and prevent them from forming completely if you just give it the right ingredients. What is piles? suffer from repeated or recurring hemorrhoids health, cure ayurvedic treatment Vedas cure.

Major symptoms of piles 

However, the amount of discomfort depends on the severity of the hemorrhoids. Even minor symptoms should be treated immediately. Pain, burning, and itching is the most common symptoms. Although hemorrhoids are almost never fatal, hemorrhoids are always uncomfortable and painful. A personal episode of hemorrhoids may go away on its own, but until something changes. It is, therefore, best to get the relief you need and find a permanent treatment at the same time.

Constipation, lifting heavy objects and sitting for long periods of time can stress the area of ​​the rectum and cause dilation of the veins. In fact, it is inflammation and inflammation inside and around the anus that defines hemorrhoids. Some common daily activities that often cause hemorrhoids include washing heavy objects, not drinking enough water, and staying dehydrated after sitting too long.

Treatment of piles

Although this is not very common, hemorrhoids can burst, resulting in bleeding and severe pain. However, in most cases, the person suffering from one of the first symptoms of hemorrhoids is well aware and is looking for alternative treatment before this happens. An early and dangerous symptom is to notify the blood in the toilet. This can be a sign of internal hemorrhoids. By immediately starting hemorrhoids treatment, you can prevent the spread of your hemorrhoids. If you have symptoms of hemorrhoids, you should seek immediate treatment.

Piles Home remedies food

Piles Home remedies food treatment can be used to bring you back to life, you can come back to live your life and have a feeling of depression for yourself and your back pain.

Here are some tips for treating hemorrhoids by applying it at home.

Use witch hazel on your hemorrhoids to help reduce swelling and inflammation. This is a good way to do it without using the steroid cream.

To reduce bread and itching, use aloe vera gel or plant sap. Once again, everything is natural and easy.

The sitz bath is also a good idea and if you are too uncomfortable, you can do something right away. Take a bath of a few inches in warm water and sit for 10 minutes. The hot water will relieve the bread quickly and you have nothing to buy.

Avoid eating too much salt. Salt creates a bulge of veins that you do not need. Do not add salt to foods and avoid salty foods in general.

You can also do your stool by preventing constipation and making the stool soft and easy to eliminate.

As we go on a diet, soft processed foods are more likely to cause serious intestinal problems, the frequency of hemorrhoids increases and its frequency increases.

Another quick and easy way to reduce inflammation is to make an ice pack in the area ... Heat packs usually cause more inflammation because they draw blood into the area while the cold removes blood, which reduces inflammation.

If you sit too low for your job, it is very easy Piles Home remedies food to treat your health problem. The pressure at its lower end is a heavy problem and leads to more cases of hemorrhoids. Make sure to get up and walk every hour to get the best results.

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