What is Packaging in Market? Definition, Types, and Importance

by Max Leed Project Director


The most important and key factor in retail and sales business is the presentation of the product. If the product is presented in an embellishing and exciting way, it will be considered as the most efficient and most sold product of the market. As because of exciting and stylish presentation customers get more attracted towards products.

Packaging means the outer look of the product, which needs to be classy and marvelous. Apart from looks, it also has to be of excellent quality and of organic nature to keep products safe and clean. Packaging can easily change the customer's buying behavior regarding your product by giving astonishing looks to your product.


Packaging can also be manufactured in a highly customized and personalized way as these are also meant to be used as gift packages. When we talk about packaging the first thing, which came to our mind, is the ease to carry the product. As most of the products are not much easy and convenient to carry without any support. Like cakes and other bakery, products must need to be packed in successful packaging to handle it easily. Packages are of different types and the basic two types of packaging are as follows:

1.        Primary Packaging

2.        Secondary packaging

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the main thing, which carries the product safely. This packaging has a major role in holding the product in its safe and fresh form. Primary packaging has a direct contact with the customers and product as well. Therefore, these need to be manufactured by the good quality organic material.

Primary Packaging

So that when the packaging gets direct in touch with the product it will not cause any damage or allow any sort of contamination to damage the product. This packaging can be removed for using the product or can remain intact until the usage. Like when we get some of the cosmetics product, we do not remove their primary packaging to use them like tubes, bottles, etc. However, in the case of food packages, we have to remove the primary packaging to eat them.

Secondary Packaging

The packaging, which protects the product, as well as the primary packaging of the product, is known as secondary packaging. It helps the wholesale dealers and the vendors to deliver their products in large packages. As the cartons used for packing snacks and other beverage cartons which carries more number of bottles in it. Along with safe delivery, it also makes it easy to handle and carry by the individual. It can be removed easily to show the product to the customers by selling them.


These are the two major types of packaging, there are some other types, which we can say that are characterized by their designs or material of their manufacturing. These types are corrugated boxes, paper bags, and other cardboard pouches.

Importance of Packaging

Different companies are working around in this packaging business in the market. There is a strong competition and everyone wants to lead in this field by providing exciting and best packages to the clients. There are so many important usages and qualities of packaging, which can help in selling products efficiently and to boost the sale of your brand.

l  Advertisement

Packaging can serve as the best and most important agent to promote your brand. If you are a beginner, you must need to devise the best and most astonishing design of packaging to promote your new product. The need for advertisement never ends in the whole time period of your business, as everything needs to be updated and reviewed.

Therefore, companies keep on changing their products packaging to advertise them in even more attractive style. If the packaging is printed with efficient logos and statements, it will also give more recognition to your brand as consumers get to know about your brand.

l  Safety

The packaging also helps the retail sellers and wholesale dealer to keep their products safe and to make delivery safe. Some of the people use the packaging for packing gifts and delicate products then packaging can safely deliver their products to their loved ones.

For delicate products, customers are usually provided with an insert containing and cushion boxes to avoid all type of shocks and jerks. Safety is being the major concern for all of the people around there and if we talk about food products, it is the most important thing to consider. Packaging better deliver the food items fresh and hot to the customers so that they can enjoy the real charm and taste of food.

l  Information

The other important and useful feature of packaging is the printed information on them. This printed information can help the customer to get shopping done in lesser time. As some of the products need to be dealt with great care as these are delicate or are harmful to some people so their handling information is given on packaging.

Like in medicine field, the information about dosage and storage conditions is mentioned on packaging, which helps the consumer to take medicine accordingly. In addition to the product-related information, it also provides information about the brand to make it more recognized by buyers.

l  Increased Sales Revenue

If the packaging is designed in an embellishing and classy way, it can efficiently increase the sale of your product. As when the most unique and out of the box design of the packaging is placed on the shelf of the store no one will be able to resist themselves. Their marvellous and catchy designs can make the customer keen to buy that product even if they are not interested in buying them.

l  Convenience      

Packages are much convenient when it comes to delivering the products to their desired place. As some of the products like food products, which are fluid, are not that much easy to carry and handle. Therefore, their packaging is designed accordingly with handles so that customers and retail sellers both can handle them carefully and easily. These packages are designed according to the specific product to suit them better for easy handling.

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