What is Machine Learning? Why is Machine Learning important?

by Diksha Sharma Blogger and writer

Introduction to Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the most astounding facets of technological advancements today. A salient branch of artificial intelligence is machine learning.

Machine learning is a division of computer science and AI that harnesses data analytics techniques and algorithms to get computers to model the behavioural and learning patterns of human beings. This process is enhanced over time and can be achieved through distinct methods. The different types of machine learning mechanisms are as follows:

  • Supervised Learning

Supervised learning is the most elementary type of machine learning. The defining characteristic is that the machines are trained using what is called “labelled” training data to speculate outcomes correctly. 

  • Unsupervised Learning 

As the name suggests, unsupervised learning allows for operation without supervision. Unsupervised learning uses machine learning techniques to dissect unlabelled data. Here underlying data patterns are used to provide insight into the data. The main advantage of unsupervised learning is that its functioning is much closer to the human brain than that of other learning methods.

  • Reinforcement learning

The operational principle behind reinforcement learning stems from the fundamental psychological phenomena of positive reinforcement among humans. In reinforcement learning, artificial intelligence gets rewarded and punished for favourable behaviour and unfavourable behaviour, respectively. The ultimate aim is to maximize this reward. 

Why is Machine Learning Important in Today’s World?

With data and processing becoming virtually limitless, there arises a need for accurate and high-speed functioning. Machine learning has caused a paradigm shift in the ways of big analytics across sectors.

This innovative technology allows for practical application in a broad spectrum of fields. It is increasingly being leveraged as a tool to meet one’s business goals and boost performance.

Some of the industries that employ machine learning are:

  • Healthcare: One of the most critical applications of machine learning in the healthcare industry is diagnostics. Machine learning helps in the detection of diseases that are hard to diagnose. It also has very successfully been applied in radiology. These are just a few of the many applications of machine learning in healthcare. 

  • Social Media: Machine learning technology is pervasive and deeply rooted in the domain of social media. It is used to gain insight and knowledge about user activity to make their users’ experience highly personalized. As social media platforms progressively take the form of online marketplaces, the plethora of online businesses also has immense use for machine learning tools.

  • Manufacturing: Machine learning applications in the manufacturing sector propels efficiency and productivity. Firms use machine learning to meet their goals and optimize performance.

Machine learning has profuse applications and utilization across many sectors. With this exponential demand, machine learning has established itself as a highly sought-after course of study. 

As a result, AI and machine learning courses are increasingly becoming popular among students. Hero Vired is one of the top platforms in education technology, offering many competitive online certificate courses in collaboration with several preeminent institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Singularity University. 

So, if you are thinking about a machine learning online course, start your journey with Hero Vired today!

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