What Is It Like Following Keto Diet Meal Plans?

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First, let us understand what is Ketosis. Well, Ketosis indicates the process by which the body enters on being deprived of the carbohydrate sources for deriving energy.  It is the state at which the body will be put into with the function of keto diet meals. Ketosis takes place at the time when the body is running out of glucose that is the carbohydrate store for being used for fuel and starting to use the fat stores in its place. This state is likely to take place when the body is on the food-less journey, but the keto diet meals are about helping the body to enter this very state and staying in the place for a long time. 

Ketosis can be achieved usually within two to seven days, based on the amount of glucose the body is having stored when you have started the keto diet. 


How To Get Into Ketosis?
Ketosis is not an easy state where you can enter devoid of guidance, and it is possible only when you follow keto meal plans. But as soon as you have got your body into ketosis, then you shall start seeing the real results. For entering ketosis, you have to reduce carbohydrate intake absolutely down to a minimum, limiting it to below 50gms per day, for your body to use the fats for fuel.

Now when you are determined to get the much yearned effective keto weight loss, then you need to check on the amount of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins you are eating and have to eat. Fats, in general, will be making up 70% - 80% of daily calories, while proteins will be making up 20% - 25% daily calories. Ultimately, carbohydrates will be making up the remaining 5% to 10% daily calories.

Choose Your Plan

When you have done these nutrients arrangement, then your body will be using ketones, which essentially, are the fat versions of glucose for supplying energy.

Saving yourself from overdoing in the early stages of the keto meal diet, like reducing the carbohydrates to almost 0 grams is essential. If this is the caser, then you will suffer from the adverse effects of keto flu. At this stage, your body will start feeling flu-like symptoms as you are transitioning to making use of fats for fuels. Keep in mind, carbohydrates in small amounts are essential for the body to function well and also for a fast source of energy. So, if your body is sticking with the macros as your health practitioner will suggest, then it is good for you.

What It is Like When You Are In Ketosis?
Hence, how should you know that you are in ketosis? In the first few days of your keto diet meals, your body will be undergoing the fat-adaptation phase - at this stage, your body will begin producing ketones other than glucose for fuel. For the body, this is the learning phase and sometimes you could feel somewhat under the weather for some days, while at sometimes you might not feel any symptoms at all, and sometimes you could experience symptoms till a month. The most commonly reported symptoms are -

  • Light-headedness
  • Constipation or Diarrhoea
  • Confusions or Brain Fog
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Cravings for sugar or carbohydrates
  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Muscle Cramps and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

All these symptoms are not last long and must never be severe. So, it is important that you listen to your body, be attentive to its comfort zone and refrain from pushing yourself too far. Be realistic in your choice - you should not start keto and begin with marathon training on the same day.  Keep in mind that you are not a machine and you should have to take it easy after starting with the keto diet for the first few weeks.

Once the adaptation phase is over, then you will start feeling energized, your energy levels will go high throughout the day. After that, you will not be craving sugary foods or any carbohydrate-rich foods. You will be able to focus better and lose weight.
So, if you are really willing to ensure you are in ketosis, then you have to check the ketone levels in your body by getting done blood, urine, and breath tests. The accurate way for testing is using a blood glucose meter for checking for ketones, although it is expensive. The less accurate methods are breath tests and urine tests, but they are more affordable in the long run. 

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