What is Influencer Marketing and How Much Money You Can Make As An Influencer

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With the age and era of growing technology, a lot of people are spending lots amount of time on internet browsing or for entertainment purposes. The Internet's growth has led to the emergence of social apps that have taken marketing to a whole new direction.

Who is an influencer marketer?

One of the ways one can market a product or service is through influencer marketing on a social app or on various billboards.

Influencer Marketing focuses on using either celebrities or popular people to sell or recommend a product or service to a targeted market. It is mostly believed that it's easy to influence people who are already influenced by someone else.

In this case, it is perceived that it is easy to convince a potential market to buy a product or service through someone they follow and like hence the name influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing involves people who act like advisors, reviewers of a particular product or service.

Who is eligible to be an influencer marketer?

Influencer marketers range from models, singers, experts in a certain field, etc. 

Here are requirements needed to dive in influencer Marketing business:-

    • Have a large number of following or subscribers

This is very essential to every influencer marketing persona. Having a large number of followers or subscribers can make you on top of the list of other influencer marketers. 

Brands mostly sort influencers who have a large following. It is viewed that having a large following means that one has a larger market.

    • Be a brand

As an influencer you need to be a brand by yourself this is by having a niche that builds content you are focusing on. You can have a business email to professionally be contracted with various brands wanting your services.

Some influencer Marketers try out the product or service first before endorsing their audience they do it mostly to protect their brand.

    • Be convincing and interactive with their audience

Whenever you are endorsing a product or a service as a person engaging in influencer marketing, just like other marketers, you need to be convincing and interactive with your followers or subscribers.

This enables potential buyers to be more interested in buying the service or product one is endorsing.

How much money can you make as an influencer marketer?

Influencer marketing can be a means to earn a living hence it is a job title in today's world.

Hashtag paid, set up minimum standards of payments by brands for every influencer marketing engagements with their following or subscribers.

For example, approximately an influencer marketer makes from $0.20-$0.50 per engagement with your followers this can be from your following liking the content, sharing the content, and commenting under the post.

However, this all depends on the agreement made between you as an influencer marketer and the brand you are engaging with. It is never a fixed price or rate for there is always room for negotiation.

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