What is Coating and how to choose the right coating for Your Packaging Products?

by Max Leed Project Director

The packaging is something that is done very carefully, keeping in all the aspects of the market, product, brand, and its reach to the people. Target audience matters a lot while deciding the packaging. It is seen that from how many hands it will pass through from manufacturing to handling, delivering to the wholesalers, retailer, on a shelf, and in the hands of the customers. 

Each and every step in the process of product manufacturing and packaging holds the same importance that cannot be neglected as all of these factors depend on each other, and even the slightest the mistake in one affects the whole product.

What does a brand want when it comes to their product and packaging?

To pop in the eye of a customer as it is the only reason they will stop, put in their effort and time to see the product and think of buying it. Even if they do not buy it, the packaging will remain in their head and can help in good word of mouth. It helps in reaching the brand name to a wider audience.


The coating on packages is the finish given to the packaging for functional purposes and create the aesthetic appeal of the box to attract customers.  Packaging coating is a huge market, especially gift packaging that needs some extra special effect and protection to the box.

Purpose of coating

·         It provides ultra-finish to the product.

·         It gives a luxurious look to the packaging.

·         Coating provides protection against the scuff and fingerprints.

·         It protects the packaging against weather conditions like rain, sun exposure, and humidity.

·         Types of Coating

There are different types of coatings for various reasons and purposes according to the product.

There are two significant types of coating packaging:

•    Aqueous (AQ)

•    U.V. Coating

These two differ in their protection and finish.


AQ coating is transparent, water-based coating with fast-drying capabilities during application in printing on the product packaging as gift boxes with lids, perfume boxes, and other packaging items.

This coating is the “default” coating for any kind of printing and packaging.

U.V. Coating

Gift packaging boxes need to be aesthetically pleasing to catch the attention of the receiver and U.V. coating fulfills this purpose.

In UV coating a compound is applied to the surface of the material and dried using ultraviolet radiations. There are different types of UV coatings that can enhance the look of a product to different levels and requirements. The degree of reflection and glossiness of the coating can be controlled according to customer demand.

Types of Coating

Glossy UV

It gives a glassy and shiny covering or final finish to the product. It gives a striking reflection to the surface and can be adjusted by a number of coatings.

Matte UV

It gives a dull and flat finish to the surface without any shine to the product. The matte look has opted for an elegant and luxurious feel. These two techniques can be combined to achieve an unmatchable look, unlike no other.

Choosing the right coating technique is necessary to enjoy the full effect of the coating, or its purpose cannot be fulfilled.

To choose the right coating for your product, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind like:

•    Is your product handled too much prior to purchase?

If the answer is yes, then UV coating is advised to be used as it is more resistant to scuffing and fingerprints. Such coatings make fingerprints so prominent, especially on a black surface.  If you are perfectionist, it is suggested to go for other colors than black to avoid fingerprints or test a sample product before ordering.

•    What kind of product are you selling?

Product packaging must compliment the product to create an impact that speaks for the brand. It is considered unaesthetic to randomly design a box for a product it does not match like for a perfume packaging an elegant matte coating would give it a royal feel, gift box packaging for clothes would look fantastic with a matte surface and glossy logo coating and toy packaging in the vibrant, glossy coat will attract kids like bees.

•    Is your product fast-consuming?

If you are selling a fast-consuming and does not require to stay on shelves for a long period of time, AQ coating is more suitable as it is cheaper than UV and serves the purpose effectively.

Due to its environment-friendly nature, AQ coating is used for food items and products that come in contact with human health.

•    What type of business are you running?

Keeping in view the type of business is important to check onto the budget that best suits the company. Go for AQ the coating is you want to save some bucks on printing and coating because it is water-based and used in line with the printing process, which in turn saves a lot of money.

Based on these few questions, you can easily choose the right type of coating for your product packaging that makes your products stand out in the market and increase some serious sales. 

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