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As of late Tapestries Store has regained popularity as they are cost-effective ways to decorate your home while giving it a feeling of warmth and comfort? Wall hanging tapestries as well as table cloths and throws can be found in tapestries stores worldwide as well as on-line in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors.

Despite regaining popularity over the last few years, wall hanging tapestries are nothing new. Tapestries have been used since at least Hellenistic times samples of which have been found preserved in the desert of Tarim Basin from the 3rd century BC.

By the early 14th century AD, however, tapestries became more popular throughout Europe where the way it was produced was altered; these new tapestries first appeared in Germany and Switzerland. Over time, they became popularfrom France to the Netherlands. Since then producing tapestries have more or less followed the same process with similar tools being used.

During the middle Ages, Wall hanging tapestries had a purely practical function aimed to protect medieval rooms from damp and cold weather or to cover grim walls of big castles. They were also used to insulate big rooms thus creating more comfortable quarters. By 1500, Flanders, Brussels and Bruges, had become the prominent places of production. Due to their size and intricacy, tapestries became investments and as such were used to showcase wealth and power.

Popular tapestries depicted isolated figures or compact groups which stood out against a background that was plain or embellished with plant motifs or flowers; due to this they were given the name “A million flowers”. At this time, wall hanging tapestries, became one of the major visual art forms alongside painting, sculpture and architecture.

Simultaneously, tapestries began appearing with more complex images depicting crowded battle scenes or large groups of figures. While later in the 16th century, homeowners chose to depict one or another of their favorite pastimes such as hunting, peasants at work and play which later gave way to pastoral landscapes in which their estates were often depicted.

The high cost of tapestries made it dependent on benefactors.  All of the now famous manufacturers; Beauvais, Arras, Gobelins, Aubusson, Felletin, Audenarde, Bruges, Ghent, were funded by wealthy kings and church monarchs.

This changed in the 17th century when the first royal factory of Les Gobelins was established in Paris with hundreds of tapestry makers working there during this period. While retaining the artistic flair and craftsmanship which were combined in the weaving of tapestry to produce masterpieces which can now be found in private collections, museums and public buildings.

Nowadays, however, if you wish to decorate your home with beautiful wall hanging tapestries it is not necessary to find an artist to create on for you and spend a fortune. There are many available patterns and styles available in Tapestries stores worldwide. In Tapestries stores you can find Mandala style tapestries, Bohemian Tapestries and many other styles and colors that come in a variety of sizes.

If you do not have a Tapestries store near you, you can Buy Tapestries Online. Opting to Buy Tapestries Online allows you to choose a variety of patterns:

·         Medieval

·         Arts and Crafts

·         Art Nouveau

·         Fine Art

·         Religious art

·         Contemporary tapestries

·         Elegant tapestries

·         Floral tapestries

·         Landscapes

·         Animals and Birds

·         Maps and Nautical

·         Oriental

·         Music and Dance

·         Christmas and Winter

For a variety of needs:

Large wall hanging tapestries

·         Tablecloths and Throws

·         French table runners

·         Bellpulls

From a variety of countries:

·         French tapestries

·         Belgian tapestries

·         Italian tapestries


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