What is an aloe vera gel?

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Normally, there are many interested but few knowledgeable about these products, so it is an important question to answer.


First of all, aloe vera is a type of plant belonging to the aloe species. They are widely used in cosmetics due to their powerful medical properties, so much so that a single plant can offer a variety of more than 150 active ingredients.


Some of its most common active ingredients are zinc, selenium, vitamin E and C. As such, an aloe vera leaf is made up of two parts, which can be divided into: one part made up of the gel, and the other part made up of the aloe substrate.


In its natural state, aloe vera gel is the pulp present in the inner part of the leaf, while the juice is a yellow liquid, similar to gold, that the leaf itself exudes.


Which aloe Buy aloe vera gel?


Good mark


Although many dismiss this aspect, the brand is really crucial. A very common mistake is to buy any product that claims to be made with aloe vera, without detailing the rest of its characteristics.


It may seem excessive to emphasize this, but it is important that there is always authenticity and reliability that the product is real and truly contains aloe vera. To achieve that, you must choose a good brand that you can trust.


I advise you to invest time in researching the brand and its reputation among other buyers, so you can ensure that the product will be useful and serve its purpose before buying it and, with a reliable brand, you will get what you are looking for.




Another important aspect that you must take into account is deciding what exactly you need aloe vera for.


Fortunately, it is a multipurpose gel and currently you can find all kinds of products made specifically for the use you require.


Do you need it for specific skin irritations? o Do you need it as a hair product? To your luck, you can find two different aloe vera products that meet your needs.


Perhaps you require a natural product for the care of your skin and you will surely get it easily. Finding what you need will be easy, you just have to first identify your need and then choose the product.


Universal use


Today there are also universal aloe vera products that would do wonders for dry or sensitive skin, as well as your hair.


These products can be used as a cooling agent and as a moisturizing product, since they are aloe vera gels designed to meet different objectives.


However, you should always read the labels to check if the cosmetic fulfills both functions. If the product is made only for inflamed skin, you cannot use it interchangeably for other tasks. Please read carefully before you choose it and then decide.


Maximum amount of aloe vera


If you want aloe vera gel then that is what you should get.


You see, a product that contains some aloe vera content is not the same as a product made with aloe vera. The gel will work particularly better if it contains real aloe vera.


Therefore, make sure that the aloe vera content in the cosmetic is above 90%. The product must be 100% natural pure aloe vera gel  and must have the proper amount of aloe vera to be effective. You should always check how much aloe vera content it has before choosing.


Use as a conditioner


Aloe vera, in addition to working for the face and body, is an excellent product for the hair. It can nourish and repair your hair if it is damaged, because it is naturally very healing and refreshing.


While you can apply aloe vera to your hair and wash it with it, you can also use it as a leave-in conditioner. Of course, before you must verify the characteristics of your gel to check for sure that it can be used on the hair.


If so, then you can mix the gel with water and spray it on your hair like you would any leave-in conditioner.




Aloe vera is very moisturizing, both for skin and hair. Once you notice the effects that its work leaves on your skin, you won't want to stop using it. If aloe vera gel is certified organic, it can be an excellent moisturizer.


This is because the gel works amazingly on the skin and heals it from within to improve skin irritation. In fact, this can be described as one of the best products for skin care and skin in general.


In conclusion, use an aloe vera gel that works as a moisturizer and you will be delighted with the results.


Not processed


This is another important aspect to highlight. You should choose an aloe vera gel that hasn't been through dozens of procedures because if the gel has been over-processed and made in the factory using heat, then the nutritional value of the aloe vera in the gel is probably all but dead.


Therefore, it makes no sense to buy it. I advise you to opt for naturally marketed aloe vera gels that are similar to other natural green leaf gels. They are authentic and will do wonders for your skin.


If those don't convince you, there are still many options you can choose from, but either way, go for a little processed and natural way.


Chemical free


Many manufacturers make aloe vera gel by mixing it with other chemicals that can cause negative reactions if you have sensitive skin.


 Also, if you are precisely using the gel to cure skin problems, it is obvious that the chemicals will not help you. In fact, even when the aloe vera plant is growing, it never needs pesticides thanks to its thick coating.


This means that organic aloe vera gels are possible to manufacture and there are many available in stores and markets around the world, so consider these and not those that contain chemicals.


Cold pressed gel


As such, there are many ways to turn the Aloe Vera plant into a gel, and each way depends on the preference of the manufacturer.


Some use the heating method, which consists of heating the leaves and thus obtaining the gel. However, this ruins some of the nutrients in the leaf because, like cooking, it causes some nutrients to be lost.


Another method to achieve this is cold pressing. This method uses no heat, so there is no loss of nutrients, and is therefore much more preferable for consumers like you who are looking to get the most out of the plant's nutrients.


Aloe vera benefits


  • Helps improve digestive disorders.
  • It can collaborate with the reduction of cholesterol.
  • Helps deal with diabetes.
  • Heals skin burns.
  • Helps remove scars.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Soothes the pain caused by arthritis.


Frequent questions


What happens if you use a lot of aloe vera gel?


Just like everything in life, taking aloe vera juice orally can be dangerous if taken in high doses. Aloe vera juice can cause some side effects like stomach pain and cramps.


Also, prolonged use of large amounts of aloe juice can cause diarrhea, kidney problems, blood in the urine, low potassium levels, weakness, weight loss, and heart disturbances.


Does Aloe Vera Gel Kill Bacteria?


It is a partially true statement. Aloe vera has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Aloe juice has even been shown to have some degree of bacteriostatic properties against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Salmonella paratyphi as well.


Should you wash aloe vera off your skin?


Depending on where you will find yourself after applying it. In case of staying in a closed environment, without exposure to sunlight, you can leave the gel on your skin so that it takes effect, without it being mandatory to remove it later. In fact, Aloe Vera gel is transparent, almost imperceptible.


Now, if you will be exposed to the sun, it is not recommended that you apply any product with aloe vera, since it could generate adverse effects such as the appearance of spots.


To get its fantastic effects, in either case, just make sure to let the aloe vera gel sit on your skin for at least five minutes, or until completely dry, before washing it off. Don't apply makeup or other moisturizers over it.


Can you apply aloe vera daily on your face?

Of course. If you apply aloe vera gel to your face twice a day, your skin will be hydrated and free of blemishes and scars.


It should be noted that aloe vera, according to various studies, only moisturizes the layer located on the top of the skin. Fortunately, it has healing properties to improve other skin conditions.


How long does it take for aloe vera gel to work?


You often need to apply aloe vera extracts to your skin twice a day (or more) for several weeks or months to see improvement in acne scars and skin blemishes.


This is because skin cell turnover can take approximately 28 days or more (in fact, this process slows down as a person ages).


 As a result, you may need to apply aloe vera regularly.


Should you apply a moisturizer after aloe vera?


Since aloe vera is a light and non-greasy natural moisturizer for the skin, you are free to apply it to your skin before your usual moisturizer.


Many experts recommend adding this to your daily skincare protocol, because if you apply the aloe vera gel before your moisturizer, the combination of the two will soften your skin and allow cells to breathe freely without clogging your pores.


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