What is a unique way to get website traffic?

by James Moorez PPC marketer

1. Offer free shipping service

The offer of free shipping is one of the best ways to increase traffic to any site. The point of using this method is that the users who log in to this site are buyers of your product. The existence of a free service gives users a very high incentive to buy traffic. This has been proven in many marketing studies. Many products can be used to increase sales volume with this marketing method. From booksellers to furniture sales websites, they can use this method to increase their buyers.

2. Sponsoring a Marketing Conference

To increase traffic to the site and to attract more attention to your website and business, sponsor a marketing conference. This method is very effective in attracting the potential audience as quickly as possible, and by providing you with the opportunity to meet market leaders, you can try to attract them to participate in developing some of their business capabilities.

3-Marketing Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the most influential marketing methods in which social networking enthusiasts, such as those with a lot of followers or actors and footballers, are used to convey a marketing message. This method is very fast. The use of this method involves the payment of fees, which, due to the high volume of the relevant audience sent to the site, will also have a high sales volume for the site.

4. Create attractive elements

From book to the checklist to cheat codes, or even free trial software and beyond can be suggested as attractive elements to the audience. It's an option that generates valuable content and, along with that, tells the audience of the product you sell, it's a great benefit that should not be underestimated. Attractive elements should be used within 15 to 30 minutes.

5. Broken Links Strategy

On Wikipedia, find the broken links and edit it with a link to one of your site's pages. Using this method is not so simple. You should search Wikipedia for articles related to your goods and services that have broken links, and there is no guarantee that Wikipedia will use your links. But if this is done, it can drive high traffic to your site.

6. Use Quora to answer any queries to increase website traffic

Site Quora many users. This wide-ranging audience can help increase your site traffic. Enter the Quora site and follow the questions about your brand and product. Answer the questions and create a link to the page at the end of the answer with an attractive text.

7. Activity on Reddit

Reddit is another popular platform that is widely used on the web. With the help of this platform, you can generate a marketing message for your potential audience. Remember to not spam advertising, and at the beginning of your activity only generate useful and non-promotional content related to your branded product and do not start advertising on this site immediately after it begins to work.

8. Update the old content of the site

Some articles are used out of time. One must find a way to add these expired articles to the site's cycle of articles. Doing so is not so difficult. Given the fact that this will raise the old pages rank again on Google, the traffic generated by this method will be quite tangible.

9. Infographic production

Infographics are used to increase the awareness of users of the activities of a business. The infographic advantage is the rapid transfer of information. The production of an infographic based on studies about the industrial branch of your activities and its subscription can help increase the traffic of the site. Get help from a powerful designer to create an infographic and give great importance to the quality of the design. A fitted infographic cannot have a beneficial effect on your business.

10- Make studies about your brand industry and share it with others

Read about the industry in the area you are working on and make surveys on related issues. Then share this information. Try to get statistics about the factors affecting your business. If you need help, get help from reputable marketing companies. Then share them with others after making these statistics.

11. Increase website loading speed

Web speed is one of the factors maintaining communication between the user and the website. To find out about the speed of the site, find a quality CDN content distribution network and host your site. Many companies in the USA today offer content distribution network services. But it should be noted that, given the USA, foreign servers providing these services cannot be in the USA, and Americans companies in most European and American countries do not have the possibility of having a server. Therefore, the content distribution network in the USA will only raise the speed of the site for the USA users. In addition to transferring a site to a content distribution network, it is possible to find and fix problems at the site loading speed by optimizing the site's images and using tools to analyze the factors affecting the loading speed of the site, such as SEMrush.

12. Optimization for mobile phones

Google today follows the index of indexing sites that are first optimized for mobile. Meanwhile, targeted mobile traffic is so important for google because the number of users who use computers to visit websites decreases and increases the number of mobile users of websites. If you do not optimize your website for mobile, you will lose a significant portion of your users.

13. Use re-target targeting with the Pixel method

One of the methods of advertising on the site is the use of typical banner ads or typical banner ads, and another way is to use banner ads that can target a site's previous audiences or targeting ads. In the targeting method again, the site's visitor adds a Java code to its browser when it comes to the site, which is referred to as a pixel or cookie code. When the user returns to the site, the ad displayed to him will vary based on this code. This difference can be seen on the page where the user views the ad, or its content is advertised.

14- Create a blog on your site

If you do not have blogs on your site, add a blog to your site quickly. Blogs will increase the value of your site and add to the amount of traffic your site adds. Remember that blog content needs to be updated regularly, and a blog that crashes in content is often worthless.

15- Paid advertising:

Monetary advertising is a way to increase targeted web traffic. You can pay for ads on Google, YouTube, etc. to advertise. But be careful that these ads are principled and increase your purchase rates.

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