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Being found as the accused of domestic violence can wreak havoc on your life. You will have mixed feelings of worries, qualms, fears and concerns.

As the term “Domestic” is involved, it wouldn’t just affect you, but your entire family, relatives, friends, and even your children.

In such an event, the only thing you will seek is the assistance of the Criminal Defense Attorney.

Here in this blog, we have enclosed everything you will undergo as suggested by our Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia after being arrested for a Domestic Violence Charge in Philadelphia. So, dive into the blog to know about the various options in detail:


With the assistance of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia belonging to a reputed Philadelphia law firm, you will not only be able to get rid of your Domestic Violence Charges but would also get many more paybacks. Along With this:

Freedom: The eradication of Domestic Violence Charges will result in your freedom.

Relationships: Your relationships with your family, friends, and relatives will be saved.

Job & Housing Opportunities: You may prevent expel from your house or job that can occur due to the Criminal Charge on your head.

Costs: You will save yourself from paying up hefty fines and penalties.


·       Arrest

Unquestionably, whether or not you have committed a crime, the person who calls the police first will be a victim in everyone’s eye. Thus, if you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge, be silent unless you’re backed with a proficient and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia. After being arrested for a Domestic Violence case, don’t forget that you will not be released until you go before a judge.

Thus, no matter how emotional or heart-broken you get, be cautious about the words that come out of your mouth.

·       First Appearance / Advisory Hearing

In all domestic violence cases, the culprit is called to attend a First Appearance or Advisory Hearing. Before you go for attending this meeting, make sure you have a Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia by your side.

Before the conduction of this meeting, your prosecutor will scrutinize your criminal history. To defend your side, your Criminal Defense Attorney in Philadelphia will give a thorough check and the point of tussle that resulted in your arrest. With all the information in hand, the criminal defense attorney will claim how the cops were miss-guided by the opposition party and ask the judge to release you.

·       Request For A “NON-GUILTY PLEA”

After the Advisory Hearing takes place, your Domestic Violence Attorney in Philadelphia will go for requesting the informal “non-guilty plea” on your behalf. In this plea, the attorney will state your innocence and will try to show that the opposition has tried to bind you in a trap.

·       Protection from Abuse Order

If the alleged victim of Domestic Violence is threatened by the accused, he/she can call for a Protection from Abuse order through which the accused will be restricted from entering into the home, or visiting the places wherever the victim may be. 

As an accused of a Domestic Violence Charge, you will be called within 10 days for a hearing to represent your side. If your side remained unsuccessful and the victim proved that he/she has risk from you, the judge may grant final protection that could last up to 3 years.


So, this is all that happens on being arrested for Domestic Violence in Philadelphia.
If you or someone you know has been imposed Domestic Violence Charges and are seeking expert’s assistance, then look no further than Alva and Shuttleworth, LLC. We have some of the extremely wise and good lawyers in Philadelphia that can work best to dodge-out your Domestic Violence Charges. For more information about our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Philadelphia, visit our website today!

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