What Exactly Is Online Reputation Management?

by Anurag Arora Online Influencer

Now when I use the word reputation. What does that mean? Obviously here, I am talking about the status and position of something. But what? Here, in this article, I am going to talk about how can someone manage the online reputation of their company or brand.

What I mean here is, this is the process of how well your brand shows up in the online space. Many renowned online brands use this technique well for the online well-being of their brand or company because it is crucial as sometimes a negative comment is powerful enough to damage one's online presence.

What does an online reputation manager do?

An online reputation manager is in charge of removing the harmful things online. The ORM is in authority of how your website or brand is doing online. Apart from all this, an ORM work is also to seek the unhappy customers and solving their problem with your brand.

Why does someone need to do that?

In this digital world, we cannot ignore the importance of the internet. The internet now has become the part of everybody's day to day life. With the significant growth in the world of the internet, there are many good and bad things that come along with the rise in the technologies.

In today's era, where we cannot go one day without the internet. This is the time where everything is going digital. The rise in technical things is so much that we even use the new technical thing in our house i.e., in our kitchen. Modular Kitchen. What is that? Another solid example of an increase in the usage of technologies. Here, the competition is everywhere, not only in academics but in the marketplace also. Now, think of any brand who is new in the market. Not very much aware of the situations around. Now think what a single harmful comment from somebody would cause to their brand?

This is where an ORM could be your savior. An ORM has to be very careful with their work. A company or brand's reputation is in the hand of an ORM. If you are someone who is not taking care of their online reputation. It could be damaging in near future. 

Let us understand this with an example, nowadays the internet is a very vast place. Almost everything is available here. No matter where somebody is. He or she is surely connected with the internet. The bad thing here is that if somebody wants to take revenge from you. He or she can use the internet for their benefit and can harm you too. 

Few Things To Keep In Mind Are -

  • Always publish original things or connects to your site

  • Doing good things online. If there is something negative in your online platforms then rather then being upset or confused. What you need to do is, perform better. 

  • Try to always upgrade your contents

  • Reach out to the problems of the people who are upset with your brand for some reason and try to understand them and not be the reason for their complaint again 

  • Try to keep everybody around you happy and satisfied with your work.  

This is the time where people around the corner google everything they need to find or know. It is very easy for anybody to find someone online. In social sites or anywhere. It is very easy to find. And nowadays people prefer to see how well a company or brand is performing online. Either they check reviews. Of how others see your brand and how they see that. 

In today's time, it is very important to take care of your public image and make sure that nobody is trying to bad mouth about you. 

Think about it, when someone tries to find someone. What they do at first? Obviously they Google about them. I will tell you something very funny here. Obviously, we never searched our name on Google. What a crazy question. Who even does that? But without our knowledge, behind our back, there are a number of people who do that. 

Well, this is the true meaning of online reputation. A brand or a website must always try for having a well-reputed image overall. In other words, how a customer sees a brand is upon the company's ORM. 

Conclusion - Now, I guess you all are very much aware of how important an image is for anybody. And one must always try to improve one's own image. One thing I have seen is that it is not always possible to remove the negative comments from everywhere. In this case, An ORM must try to have a positive outlook at work so that people can appreciate your work more. Try to build a healthy, positive relationship with everybody and slowly, the negativity will vanish. 

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