What Evidences Can Prove You Guilty Of Fort Myers Drunk Driving?

by Peter Dennis Fort Myers Personal Attorney

Although drunken driving is ion itself a threat and should be avoided, but yet people often go for it wither deliberately or in ignorance or lack of option. Whatever the reason is, they are lucky if they remained uncaught throughout the way, but if at any par chance they run into cops, they are destined to suffer a lot. Fort Myers Drunk Driving conviction can haunt for this may stretch you in expensive fines, serving of jail sentences, or suspension of license and lots more. To challenge DUI evidence, it requires great efforts, which can be played on the part of the lawyer.

Common DUI evidence include:

Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests are simple to judge the presence of a person and his grasp on his actions, this may include tests including walking to and fro in a straight line or standing on one foot and recitation of alphabets. So, when you are pulled over, try to avoid these tests or refuse to partake in them or perform only if you are in your senses.

Blood and Breath Tests

Blood or breath tests will help in determining the amount of alcohol in the blood and can be presented as a piece of evidence against you. If you, unfortunately, surpass the legal limit, you will be fined with DUI charges or may be asked to prove your innocence. Although, the reliability of these tests can be questioned by an experienced DUI attorney to save the convicts form such charges. Breathalyzers are devices of hardly any relevance and often go unreliable. Also, the validity, the maintenance, and calibration of the breathalyzer device, improper administration, etc. can be questioned for reliability and can be tainted for accuracy

Physical State

If the cops involved finding you unable to walk properly or intoxicated or uncoordinated, you will be detained by law. Not only this, other such evidence can be the smell of alcohol, watery eyes or bloodshot, etc. any of the ideas from your physical characteristics would act against you. Other than this your driving can act against you, if you are weaving, speeding and swerving.


Witness plays an important part, those who speak in favor of you or against you, be it a passerby or a passenger can speak in the court.

 So, before legal actions are taken upon you and you become a convict of DUI, look for a Fort Myers DUI attorney to defend you appropriately.

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