What does a ticketing system do?

by Vaishali Gopi Digital Marketer

There are lots of processes and channels in the modern times to make life easy. It is kind of a today's motto to make people's life easy and secure by facilitating them with smoother day to day life. Ticketing system is also a very prudent way to give people a relief in their diurnal activities.

Now the question is what a ticketing system really is?

The system which, in the most effective and efficient way, allows focusing and organising of information technological or IT support to a company is called or better, defined as a ticketing system. This ticketing system has a direct influence on the image of the brand, its capability to retain customer and managing of cost effectiveness, which in return impacts hugely the revenue income of the company. So the work is quite cut out for a ticketing system. It generally deals with the issues and incidents faced by the company in its wake of progress and support the firm according to overcome the phase with an astute strategy and with a positive feedback. Therefore the ultimate goal of a ticketing system is to handle with care every incidents and crisis from the time of its reporting till the time of its resolution; that is the process of incident management is the actual workload of a ticketing system.

What a ticketing system can help you with?

Well there are tons of supports you can get by using ticketing software. Some of these are discussed in the following points.

  1. Well the very first thing that ticketing system will do for you is brighten up the image of yours company brand and thus help you successfully retain your customer base. This will not only give you loyalty boost but also help you expand your customer base. A fit-for-reason ticketing framework, alongside best-rehearse forms, enables associations to keep significant episodes from turning into an extremely open reality.

  2. Making and maintaining a process cost effective and time saving is very important for any and every entrepreneurial initiatives. It is without any doubt that more is the down time more is the loss of cash. IT experts squander less time on pointless manual procedures, arranging for profitable time for more essential work. If you use a customer support software then the professional will be able to focus on core business and the accessories will be taken care of by the said system, saving valuable moments.

  3. The customer support service is the pillar of success for any and every type of company in the industry. If you have a good and satisfactory customer care then the customers will be happier and thus there will be an effective increase in the total revenue of the company. By deliberately catching tickets and classifying them effectively, a ticketing framework takes into consideration appropriate administration of episodes prompting faster determination times. So the ticketing system will be a great addition to the customers support division which make the job easier for the team and resolution of problems faster for the end users.

What are the different stages of lifecycle in a ticketing system?

Report the identification and capturing of incidents

The source of identification of an issue or incident is a very important task to get done because if the identification is not done properly then the whole process of troubleshooting falls short of its objective. The reports of incidents and crises form various sources often flood the system and it makes the work of the customer service department quite tough. So to systematically categorise the identified incident and channel them to the desired destination making the hub clear for awaiting new instances is what a ticketing systems does for the company. The process of issue capturing has many modes. These are

  1. The first one is quite simple and orthodox. The end user can simply report for an issue or ask about any information directly to a customer support rep of your firm via a telephone call or visit a manned kiosk.

  2. There are many crisis detection and monitoring softwares available in the industry. By installing such a one in your system with the ticketing will make easy spotting of an incident happening at an end user who is online. In such cases the response is automatically initiated after the identification.

  3. The ticketing systems are very much modern nowadays. The end users are now very active on social media. With this they usually tell their quires and grievances to your company's social media opening and this trigger the initiation of automatic ticket initiation.

  4. The last incident reporting process is quite straightforward. If a customer has any query or problem or just wants to report an issue or incident then he or she will directly access the ticketing system and through automatic check listing method dock the complaint and generate a ticket in his or her favour.

Record the incident

The next part of the process is quite interesting and is invariably the most important part. In the next steps the ticketing system will help you company's customer support service to record the incident with every details for all junctures and track it down for resolution. Recording is very essential because without it the impact, urgency and category of the issue cannot be determined.

Managing the tickets

It is often seen that the tickets generated by the system has a wide range of incidents recorded in them. It is quite foolish to handle them individually. It is observed that many people have similar problems or queries, if not totally identical. So to categorise these into a single file and then disburse a suitable customer service wing for it is the best way to resolve the issues. The company generally houses a lot of skilled administrators and engineers. For them to resolve the crisis will be very easy. The customer support reps along with ticketing system meticulously channelize the issues astutely to their resolution chambers. For managing the tickets the system proactively links up the tickets with the similar pointes from the knowledge base of your company and thus make efficient efforts in enrich the tank, satisfying the customers and last but not the least save valuable times.

Resolving of tickets

The resolving of the managed tickets is totally up to the merit of you organization. The ticketing system makes good with everything input in it, to cater the best possible solution for the customers. The automation lightens the workload off the team which give them time and space to fruitfully deal with the problems and troubleshoot those successfully. To keep the knowledge base updated all the time and for continuous improving of ticketing resolving services you must always ensure few things like proper alignment with your parent firm, if any, prioritize you business activities, enhance your IT services relating the business and link them up with every department, make your business efficient in both quality and time front and last but not the least make sure the customers are always satisfied.

The only conclusion that can be given about this piece about ticketing system that it is a life changing system that facilitates ease of operation for any and every firm and make the same eligible to become a people's choice company.


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