What Do Cysts In Or On The Kidney Indicate?

by Shipra Sharma Kidney Treatment in Ayurveda
There are two sorts of cysts – the first is simple cysts, and the second one is associated with polycystic kidney disease. A simple cyst is an individual cyst form on the kidneys. And, the simple cyst has thin walls and filled with water-like fluid. A simple cyst can happen due to some allergy or unhealthy diet; it doesn’t damage or harm the kidneys in a way that they cannot function well. 

Polycystic kidney disease or PKD is a genetic disorder that you get from one of your parents. Due to polycystic kidney disease, fluid-filled cysts build up inside or around your kidneys. These cysts can damage or fail your kidneys in a way that they cannot work well.  

Simple cysts are usually risk-free because they don’t cause complications, which is why you might not even recognize you have them. But, polycystic kidney disease can cause you a lot of minor to severe health problems. If PKD or kidney cysts are not treated on time, then it can put in the condition of kidney failure. To keep your kidneys healthy or to cure your sort of kidney cysts, you should consult a healthcare provider for kidney cysts treatment in Ayurveda. 

In the article underneath, you will read about kidney cysts sizes and what they mean, what do cysts in or on the kidney indicate and treatment for kidney cysts. 
What do cysts in or on the kidney indicate? 

A few of cysts can be very small in size that you can’t notice them without the help of a microscope. But, some of the cysts can be grown like the size of a tennis ball. As the cysts get larger they can harm or spread to the nearby organs and cause severe pain. If you do not take precautions and treatment like Ayurvedic remedy to shrink kidney cyst, then these cysts can become the reason for kidney failure. 
Following are some of the symptoms, causes and risk factors, and complications of kidney cysts that you should aware of to live a disease-free life. 

Symptoms of kidney cysts are:

There are no symptoms associated with simple cysts. However, if the cyst becomes large or infected, it may cause the following of the symptoms. 

• Fever
• Weakness
• Breathlessness
• Poor appetite
• Edema of the abdomen
• Urinating more often than normal
• Blood in your urine
• Dark red or yellow urine
• Pain in your back or side between your ribs, pelvis and upper abdomen.
PKD is an inherited disease that may not cause several symptoms and signs, but the following are the primary or commonly ones. 

• Loss of hunger
• Severe weakness or fatigue
• Heaviness in the body
• Pain in your back and side
• High blood pressure
• Blood in your urine
• Swelling in the legs, feet, hands, and stomach
Having one or more of these symptoms means your kidneys are suffering from kidney cysts that can be PKD or simple cysts for which you need to opt for Ayurvedic kidney cysts treatment. 

Causes and risk factors related to kidney cysts are:

Simple kidney cysts don’t have any specific causes. They can be developing due to some of the following circumstances. 

1.  Kidneys have a million small tubules that collect urine. The reason behind simple cysts can be the blocked tube, swells up, and fills with fluid. 
2.  Simple cysts can be building up when pouches called diverticula to structure in weakened potions of the tubules and fill with fluid.
3.  Kidney cysts can happen due to age factor. For instance, by age 40, approximately 25 percent of people have simple cysts. Men are at a higher risk in comparison to women of developing kidney cysts.
Polycystic kidney disease is an inborn disorder caused by changes to genes that pass to you from one of your parents. To cure your sort of kidney cysts disease, you should opt for kidney cysts treatment in Ayurveda, which completely prevents the disease. 

Complications correlated with kidney cysts are:

Generally, cysts don’t provide you with any health-related problems. However, sometimes they can lead to the following of the complications. 
• High blood pressure 
• Urinary tract infection or UTI 
• Bladder infection
• Kidney infection 
• Infection in the cyst
• Burst cyst
• Blockage of urine out of the kidney
Polycystic kidney disease can damage your kidneys. Thousands of people have lost their lives due to PKD, so it is very vital to take precautions or Ayurvedic remedy to shrink kidney cyst. 
Treatment for kidney cysts:

To diagnose your sort of kidney cyst, you should consult a kidney specialist called a neurologist. Your neurologist will take a blood or urine sample to examine your kidneys. 
Your neurologist may take the following of the imaging tests. 

• Computed tomography (CT) scan due to which your healthcare provider can see powerful 3D X-rays of your kidneys
• Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in which your healthcare provider with the help of magnets and radio waves can take clean or clear pictures of your kidneys.
• Ultrasound is the technique in which sound waves create pictures of your kidneys to show your neurologist how much a cyst has grown bigger. 
In simple cysts, if the cyst is tiny and doesn’t cause harm your kidneys, you can treat it by following a renal diet plan and Ayurvedic medications. For larger cysts or ones that happen due to polycystic kidney disease, treatments include sclerotherapy and surgery is not necessary. Yes, by taking Ayurvedic kidney cysts treatment, you not only terminate the disease; its symptoms also. 
There is a misinterpretation that to cure kidney cysts, you need to go for treatments like sclerotherapy or surgery. That only harm or influence your kidneys or overall health. Ayurvedic treatment for a kidney is one of the best methods to cure your sort of kidney disease or disorder with the help of natural herbs and ingredients.


Sclerotherapy is only a way to drain the cyst. In this, your doctor's will ultrasound to see the cysts, and after then place a skinny needle into the cyst through your skin and drain all the fluid from the cyst. It is one of the painful and detrimental procedures like dialysis that does not provide you with a permanent solution for your sort of kidney cysts. This is the reason why these days’ people are again adopting kidney cysts treatment in Ayurveda that naturally cure the illnesses. 

A larger cyst can affect your kidney function that only can be removed with surgery. If you go for surgery, then your surgeons might eradicate cysts laparoscopically with the help of a few small incisions. But, surgery can cause you various health problems and need to consume certain medications lifelong. 
To keep your kidneys healthy and to completely cure your sort of kidney cysts, you should consult a healthcare provider, who can offer harmless or painless medical procedures like Ayurvedic remedy to shrink kidney cyst.


Simple kidney cysts are risk-free and don’t cause troubles. But, polycystic kidney disease can be turned into kidney failure. So, follow a healthy diet plan, adopt right dietary habits, include natural or fresh food products in your diet chart, and take Ayurvedic treatment to live a disease-free life.

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