What Causes a Home Sewer Backup?


A sewer backup in the home can be really frustrating and costly. If you are a homeowner and having the same problem, you may want to know the reasons. Backups are apparent signs that something is not well with your sewer line or maybe the plumbing system. Taking care of your sewer and drainage is important because they tend to cause a blockage if treated improperly.

A sewer backup in the home can be really frustrating and costly. If you are a homeowner and having the same problem, you may want to know the reasons.

The blockage can cause more serious problems for your residence, and therefore require quick to diagnose, cleanup, and repair from a professional Plumber in Parlin NJ. You need to contact sewer cleaning services  as soon as possible otherwise sewer backup may lead to diseases, damage your possessions, and may result in larger destruction.

Here are the common causes for a sewer backup.


When the sewer line becomes clogged, the water can’t go down through the drain. Instead, it backs up water in your kitchen and bathroom sinks, and the toilet sounds gurgle. The blockage mostly occurs due to the disposal of common household waste like cooking oil and grease in the drain. This forms a sticky layer inside the drain lines and then whatever object you drain get stuck with the grease and cause sewer clogs. Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to call professionals for sewer cleaning services Parlin when the clog is caused by larger objects for instance if your child flushes small toys or ball.

Tree Roots

Home sewer backups can happen due to tree roots. The growing roots of the tree in your yard can push the piping system out of the place and you may then need a plumber in Parlin. The larger root can crack the pipeline and its splits. Only experts can dig the ground and inspect whether there is obstruction caused by a tree root or something else. When the pipe cracks the rainwater gets easily enter can result in an overflow. You may need plumbing services in Parlin to fix broken or collapsed drain pipe.

Main Sewer Blockage

When the main sewer which is maintained by the government employees and municipality in your city is clogged, you may experience sewer backups in the house. Common household clogs can be easily fixed by the plumbing services but with main sewer blockage it is a tricky job and you should put off all the valves first and then call drain experts.

A blocked sewer can be a big headache if not treated at the early stage. Aside from increasing expenses, it takes time to resolve. Professional plumbing services in Parlin providers are experts of repairing and cleaning the sewer system. These experts may opt to use a hydro jet and a powered rod to remove the clog as well.

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