What Can You Expect While Under The Care Of An IVF Specialist?

by Tanmay Singh Nandita P. Palshetkar

IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a complicated series of procedures that are utilized to assist with fertility or offer assistance with the conception of a child. The procedure includes maturing eggs that are retrieved from the ovaries and gets fertilized by sperm in the lab. You will find these eggs getting transferred into the patient's uterus respectively. These steps are often divided into numerous categories. 

This specific procedure will take three to four weeks. IVF is therefore considered one of the most effective reproductive technologies. In the present scenario, you will find numerous experienced IVF Specialists in Charni Road, if you want to know about IVF, then reaching up to an IVF Specialist will be suitable for you.

Let’s now proceed further, and have a look at how and why its done.

Why there is a need of IVF?

IVF is considered the most effective reproductive measure, and most women above the age of 40 prefer this treatment to have their own babies. IVF treats infertility and tends to first treat you with less-invasive methods. In some cases, this treatment is also done when you have other health conditions as well. 

There are various reasons that can lead to having IVF treatment, and they are as follows; -

  • Fallopian tube blockage-Fallopian tube blockages often make it quite difficult for an egg to get fertilized in the uterus. 
  • Ovulation disorders-If ovulation is less or completely absent, then only fewer eggs are available for fertilization.
  • Endometriosis condition- This procedure occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus implants and tends to grow outside of the uterus. These tissues often affect the function of the ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes respectively.
  • Occurrence of Uterine fibroids- Fibroids are structures that act as tumors in the uterus. They are generally found in women in their 30s and 40s. Fibroids can interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg also. 
  • Genetic disorder- Sometimes the reason for opting for IVF treatment is also because of genetic problems. To not have the same genetic disorder, couples often consider IVF safe. 

To know more about IVF, you can refer to any experienced IVF Specialist in Bandra West. A properly experienced doctor will suggest you some effective ways to get yourself prepared for this treatment.

How IVF is carried out?

While executing IVF treatment, there are certain steps involved. Let's have a brief look at those steps involved.

Step 1: Control Ovarian Hyperstimulation-This is one of the most common methods that is a GnRH Antagonist protocol where the secretion of gonadotropin hormones takes place. This specific step is done to prevent premature ovulation. Once the optimal suppression takes place, the next step includes the recruitment of numerous follicles by regular injections of gonadotropins.

Step 2: Egg Retrieval Process- Egg retrieval is a legit process that is carried out in a surgical suite below intravenous sedation. Ovarian follicles have aspirated with the use of a needle guided through transvaginal ultrasonography. Follicular fluids are scanned by way of the embryologist to hit upon all reachable eggs.

Step 3: Fertilization and Embryo Culture-This specific procedure is the longest one. It involves 3-4 sub steps within itself. In this proceeding, you will find ICSI treatment taking place, and fertilization is also assessed in this process. 

Step 4: Embryo Quality process- You will find several steps taking place in this process. This specific process is extensively used to assess the classification of the embryo. This procedure is especially important when you are trying to decide which embryos to select for embryo transfer.

Step 5: Embryo Transfer process- This is the final step that includes placing the embryos. It is one of the simplest ways, and it doesn't require anaesthesia. Embryos are generally placed in the uterine cavity via the cervix. 


While IVF takes place, you will have to also take care of your health and eat and drink accordingly. By getting in touch with Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, you will get to know how to keep yourself healthy while preparing for IVF treatment. By approaching her, you will acquire in-depth information about IVF, its benefits, and its risks respectively. By following her treatment, you will surely have your own child.

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