What Can You Do To Save Your Writing From Destruction Of Social Media?

by Kurtis B. Writer at EssayPro
Writing today is not as valued as it used to be in the times when social media was not active/as active. It is difficult to write something good quality without getting so much negative feedback and judgement.
There are thousands of writers releasing books, posting in blogs, writing essay or articles and etc, but it is not easy to get a large audience. Also, today's world is very connected to social media which includes many outside perspectives on certain topics and discussions so people tend to be very judgmental. That means that not every piece you write, everyone will agree or like it. Here are some tips to avoid the issue of people disliking your work.
● Know Your Audience. 
The first step that a writer always thinks about before beginning to write their piece is “Who is my audience?”. Everything we write is always meant for a certain person or group of people to read. For example, I would not write my essay about how my life as a vegetarian is so amazing for my health to an audience of meat lovers. So, it is important to know what kind of people will be reading your piece and how to write directly to that specific audience, which then leads to the next point.
● Connect To Your Audience. 
When it comes to the topic you are writing about and you have already chosen who your audience will be it is then very important to connect to the readers on a
more personal level in order for them to be interest and like your piece. Going back to the example of writing my essay on being a vegetarian. If a person who is also a vegetarian reads my essay and I am making points such as, it gives my skin a special glow and I have a lower body fat percentage, they might have the same outcomes from their eating habits and they will instantly connect to my piece and agree with the things that I am claiming, which leads them to be more interested in what I have to say and make them like my essay more. Of course there is a strong
counter argument to the point that I am making, which is, meat lovers will not agree or like my essay. The one thing that needs to be understood when writing anything is that there will never be a case where every reader likes your piece. That is the reason that you need to pick the audience you are writing to. Also, if a meat lover were to read the heading of what my essay is about the chances are higher that they won't even take the time to read it because they automatically disagree about the topic or simply have no interest in it.
● Get To The Point. 
This is one of the biggest challenges of being a writer, not saying too much.
Writers tend to write a lot of useless information on their pieces which can make a reader automatically lose interest. People on and off of social media read many things on a daily basis. For example, job recruiters looking for new writers to publish go through social media everyday looking for someone with a special writing skill or something interesting to say that they think would attract a bigger audience. It is their job to read thousands of online blogs, essays, books etc and it is a lot easier for them to read something that is good quality with less useless quantity in it.
This can also apply to any audience. For example, students who are in school, university or any kind of an educational or working facility use the internet as a tool when they don't understand something. They simply go online and type a question and millions of links come up with answers. Nobody wants to read an article that consists of 5000 words of explanation when you can easily find one that has the same information but with 1000 words instead.
● Minimize Bias. 
Another key part of being a writer who is trying to avoid their work getting
destructed on social media would be to decrease the amount of bias in your piece. Of course, it is easier said than done, because there are many topics that can be easily argued, but when the focus is on getting less negative responses it is best to stay as neutral as possible so all audiences will like it. Looking once again at my example of writing my essay about being a vegetarian, it would be a lot easier to get a good audience who likes my piece by claiming facts about the benefits
about being a vegetarian rather than stating “Vegetarians are healthier than meat lovers” or “Eating meat distrusts the food chain”. Although these are all strong points, there is no real answer because they are very easily argued. Different people have different outlooks on certain topics whether it is cultural differences, social etc.
● Feedback. 
Finally, something very important to think about is “How do I know different people
will like my writing?”. The best way to find out what your audience will think is to find your own little audience to give you feedback on your writing. Asking a friend, family member, coworker or anyone that you know or maybe even don't know to read over what you wrote is the best way to find out what is good and bad in your piece. The main thing to look for when asking people for feedback is to make sure that the people you will ask have different views or opinions on your topic, this way you can get constructive criticism from many different angles and know how to
change certain things to suit all audiences.
Writing used to be an educated art that not any person could do. Today writing became a part of everyday life for many different reasons all due to the fact that we simply have that possibility now. It is also a more competitive field because it has become a skill that almost anyone can have with the right amount of education or communicative talents. Since social media allows us as people to spread our ideas through the world, there are many people with a lot of things to say. That is why is is very important to know how to reach a certain level of thinking to understand how to hook/attract audiences that will take the time to
read what you have to say.

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