What are thermal imaging sensors? What are their applications?

by Kevin Danielson Works at Candrone

Thermal image sensors are devices that translate thermal energy into visible light to identify a particular object. They are also known as a thermal camera, temperature camera, heat vision camera, infrared camera, thermal imaging sensor, heat signature camera, and thermal heat vision sensor.

The device generates an image that is known as a thermogram and the process of analyzing thermal image is called thermography. These images are further used in surveillance and inspection after processing from thermal imaging software.


How does Thermal Imaging Work?

Anything that exists gives off thermal energy, even ice. The hotter something is, the more thermal energy it emits.

The thermal imaging sensor makes use of this very phenomenon. It works by converting thermal energy (heat) into visible light to scrutinize a specific object or scene. It detects temperature by recognizing and capturing different levels of infrared light. This light is invisible to the naked eye, but can be seen as heat if the intensity is high enough.

Thermal cameras record the temperature of various objects in the frame, and then assign the temperature a shade of a color. The emitted heat is then represented in colors to ease the general interpretation of thermal images. This helps in the observation of heat radiated by a particular object in contrast to objects around it.


Thermal Imaging Camera on Drones

As we all know, Drone/UAV is a powerful tool that can reach a place that is hazardous for a normal human. It saves a lot of time, transportation costs and of course manpower. This tool gets even more powerful and helpful with the deployment of a thermal imaging camera.

When thermal cameras are integrated into industry or enterprise drones it gives operators a better perspective.

Besides, this duo can be used for various purposes in numerous sectors that include construction, mining, electrical, surveillance, firefighting search, rescue and more.


What can thermal imaging sensor capture?

When incorporated on drones, thermal imaging cameras can be used to analyze the following:-

·        Living Beings: People, Animal and Vegetation.

·        Electrical: Circuits, power lines, capacitors, etc.

·        Automobiles: All type of automobiles

·        Machinery: Engines, Conveyor belts, and Assembly lines

·        Liquid and Gas: pipelines, infrastructure

Each of the given material absorbs and radiate thermal energy at different rates. A thermal imaging sensor detects these temperature differences and translates them into image formats. These images are really clear and easy to understand.


Applications Of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras were first used by the military. From then on, the technology attained a lot of exposure.

Drones with on-board thermal cameras save time, money and are also a very safe technique for examining dangerous equipment.

The incorporation of cameras made drones a helpful asset to different industrial sectors. Especially,fire departments and rescue teams attained great value from thermal imaging cameras.  Below given are the applications of enterprise drones integrated with a powerful thermal imaging sensor:-

·        Agriculture Sector

Thermal imaging sensors on drones can help farmers to manage crops, soils, fertilization, and irrigation. The images obtained from the camera can reveal important stats after analysis by agricultural thermal imaging software.

·        Mining Sector

Thermal Imaging Sensor can be used to locate tiny ‘hot-spots’ on a conveyor belt or hidden deep inside the electrical system of a heat exchanger. It can be also used by mining professionals for fire-fighting efforts deep underground.  Apart from this, Thermal imaging can help detect equipment that is on the edge of disruption.

·        Security

For night surveillance, monitoring docks, parking lots and other facilities after dark, prison security watching perimeters.

·        Firefighting

Forest fires, identifying hot spots and human life.

·        Construction

Surveyors, real estate developers and engineers requiring accurate measurements.

·        Search and Rescue

The thermal camera is useful for search and rescue operations. It can be used for both day and night rescue missions.


Besides thermal cameras, drones carry many other types of sensors and cameras for different purposes.Drones are making a big impact on our everyday lives.

If you’re in search of an onboard thermal UAV, then we can help! Candrone has a broad collection of high-quality drones with thermal cameras. Contact us today to know more about our collection!

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