What Are The Ways To Remove Calcium Deposits From Pool Tiles?

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Having a pool in your residence is one of the pleasant things you would ever want. It acts as a shelter in the scorching heat and allows you to calm down your body in the water at will. You can take rest around your pool or simply sink the feet and play with water. If you forget about the upkeep and pool maintenance required to keep it lively, it sounds an exceptional addition to your backyard.

You can hire professionals and have your pool after spending a considerable amount of money but it is never limited to one-time-payment. In fact, while having a pool in the backyard or front yard does require attention, it also adds to your monthly bills.

Finding calcium deposits on your pool's tile and coping is a sign that the water in your pool has an imbalanced pH and calcium levels. You can balance calcium hardness levels to 200 – 400 ppm by taking pool Clark NJ cleaning services or fill it with soft water.

There are multiple ways of removing calcium scales from pool tiles:

If you want to remove calcium deposits from your swimming pool, you have a couple of different options depending on where the scale has started to form and how stubborn it is to remove. There are a few basic ways that are efficient and save time which anyone can follow.

Using a pumice stone or scale remover

Using a pumice stone for cleaning hard surfaces like tile and concrete is the most common method. It requires not much effort to pick the stone and scrub it to the surface to gently remove the deposits. You can also use a nylon bristle brush if the scale has become too hard. You can also opt to use a pressure washer. Clark Dustless blasting is another effective method to quickly strip all the surface buildup without causing any damage to it. While scrubbing manually, make sure the surface and the tool you’re using to scrub both are wet in order to prevent scratching.

Using an acid solution

Using a corrosive strong acid or muriatic acid is another way to eliminate scale from the tile. As it is an acid, you need to keep in mind all the safety precautions while opting for this method. Harsh chemicals can cause you injury, so it’s beneficial to contact professional cleaning services.

Pool maintenance service

It may seem easy to use a tile soap and brush to start scrubbing the calcium scaling yourself, but there is another cost-effective and safe method and that is to hire a Clark pool maintenance service. The service providers may use dustless blasting or a different pressure washing method to clean the pool without harming your property.

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