What are the types of precious metals?

by Sarvesh Velankar Asst. Marketing

You own, touch, and use precious metals every day. You also use more products and services possible by these substances. All precious metals are rare and valuable. They are essential in your life because of their unique properties such as high conductivity, physical and chemical resistance, high melting points, catalytic and optical qualities.

Recycling precious metals involves analysing and refining batches of mixed material. Many old inks and photo-processing machines contain precious metal chemicals like silver. If you come across many old drums of liquid or piles of powered chemicals, you can send them for testing to a metal refinery. These are the types of precious metals:


You use approximately 10% to 15% gold in a range of applications that use its unique properties. Its corrosion-resistant, static-free electrical conduction means that smartphone manufacturers can use it in their products. It also prevents corrosion of GPS satellites from ultraviolet light and X-rays.


It has the lowest contact resistance and highest electrical and thermal conductivity. Solar panels, rapid charging stations, in-road applications, and certain types of electrodes use silver in the form of silver electrical contacts. The sensitivity of silver compounds to light made photography possible long before the digital age. The “silver screen” film era was likely by a reaction of silver ions that darkened the surface of celluloid film.


Platinum also finds its way into various uses. Catalytic converters for vehicles, buses, trucks and other industrial procedures use platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These elements convert the emissions into non-harmful gases while passing through the system. You can deploy the airbags correctly by using a small amount of platinum and gold for the sensor device.


Like platinum, you can also use palladium in catalytic converters, jewellery, and dental appliances. The electronics industry employs about 8% of palladium. For example, you sandwich the metal compound between ceramic layers in capacitors used in laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Other types of precious metals include osmium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, and rhenium.

You also find nitro technology manufacturers products, including catalyst gauzes and customised getter systems. In addition to designing them, the range of services extends to plant cleaning, technical advisory, refining, and metal management.


The plant advisory department determines the performance of the catalyst and process yield by assessing the environmental condition of every process. It also includes the quality of air filtration and ammonia or even the fluctuations in the process control. A combined product-service package system covers the start-up procedure’s evaluation, fault analysis, troubleshooting, and control assessment.

The plant cleaning department uses destructive and non-destructive cleaning methods to recover precious metals without affecting the residual life of the equipment. They benefit customers with improved efficiency and maximum value from recovered precious metals.


Precious metal refining from reputed refining service providers ensures the process does not cause harm to the environment and delivers excellent results.

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