What Are The Probable Causes Of Lower Back Pain

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The busy schedule of our life has made us so involved that we rarely get any time to for ourselves. And the result shows us in the different segment of the body as back pain, neck pain and many other health obligations. You will find rarely a metro citizen who has not faced the trauma of back pain severe or mild. The Chiropractor Lower Back Pain suggests many reasons for lower back pain. As per the study, it is the most common cause to visit the doctor while you are in the job. Here we will discuss the most frequent reasons which are responsible for producing pain on the lower back of the body.

Muscle Strains: According to the Chiropractor Lower Back Pain, the muscle strains are the most known reason for it. For excess activities, the muscles and ligaments in the back can be stretched and tore down. The symptoms of the muscle strains are the pain and stiffness in the lower back of the body. You need proper physical therapy and rest to be fit. 
Disc Injury: The discs located at the back side are more prone to injury which increases with the age. Due to sudden activities, the outer part of the disc can tear or herniate which is known as the slipped disk. It generally happens because of the cartilage around the disc provides pressure against the spinal cord. The cushion of the spinal vertebrae expands outside of the normal position. The Chiropractor Lower Back Pain suggests not to lift something heavy or twist the back to avoid the condition.   

Sciatica: When the herniated disc presses against the sciatic nerve, the pain happens. The nerve connects with the spine and legs. For that reason, extensive pain can be felt in the leg and feet along with lower back. Normally, the sensation of the pain is like burning or needle pricking.  

Spinal Stenosis: When the spinal column of the body narrows, it puts immense pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve alongside. This condition is known as Spinal Stenosis. As per the Chiropractor Lower Back Pain, it happens due to the degeneration of the discs between the vertebrae. As the result, the spinal cord compression harms the soft tissues or bony spurs. The pressure on the spinal nerve can create cramping, pain, numbness and weakness. Along with lower back, the symptoms may be seen anywhere of the body. It may worsen along with walking.      

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