What are the most common ear, nose, and throat problems?


ENT Specialist in Gurgaon: The other term for ENT specialists is an otolaryngologist. The specialists deal with ear, nose, and throat. These organs’ ear, nose, and throat equate through passages and tubes. If you are suffering from any health problem regarding the head or neck, then visit ENT Specialist in Gurgaon near you. There are many different ears, nose, and throat disorders, and a higher diversity of specific symptoms. The following list includes the four most common ENT disorders. Not everyone will encounter the same set of traits or have them as intensely. In some cases, a doctor or ENT Treatment in Gurgaon will be needed to make the correct analysis and offer the suitable treatment.

ENT is the short form ear, nose, and throat, and they are all connected to the head and neck. If you are suffering from health problems regarding your head or neck then visit Origin Clinic the ENT treatment in Gurgaon and they will take care of common medical conditions like blocked ears, sore throat, or close nose. They can also diagnose disorders like tumors or cancers. Any health problem regarding your ears, nose, and throat ENT specialist in Gurgaon handles it. 

Ear Infection

Ear infections are one of the most common ENT disorders. They happen when germs become ambushed inside the inner ear. The Eustachian tube, a tiny canal that begins in the ear and drains into the back of the throat, usually keeps unwanted germs out. If this tube is too little or becomes clogged by mucus, bacteria or other microbes can insert the ear and cause an infection. ​

What are the signs of an ear infection?

Symptoms like loss of balance, pain, fever, pressure, the difficulty of hearing, vomiting, nausea, etc. Ear infections are more familiar in children than adults and the most common type of infection in infants and toddlers. Telling symptoms in infants is difficult. The symptoms like incompetent to disturb at loud noises, or respond to their name, raised fussiness, especially at bedtime, etc. 


Throat Infection

Strep throat infection: Strep is an acronym for a group of bacteria called Streptococci. Throat infection happens when the throat and encircling structures become affected by this germ. While strep throat is a common infection, many other infections have the same symptoms. 

Symptoms of throat infection:

1) Difficult to swallow

2) Enlarge lymph nodes and tonsils

3) Fever, body aches, Fatigues

Prominently missing in strep throat is a runny nose and cough. You may also speculate strep throat if you have been revealed to someone with a strep infection in the last two weeks. Minors between the ages of 5 and 15 are most at risk. 


Sinusitis happens when a germ gets its way into the four hollow holes of the skull that encompasses your eyes and nose. The infection can then become captured, causing swelling, pressure, and pain. Acute Sinusitis is often getting from the common cold. So you are more likely to get sinusitis during the winter months. Chronic sinusitis in which symptoms continue for more than 12 weeks may occur as a result of an untreated allergy or a chronic condition such as bronchial asthma.

Symptoms or signs of Sinusitis are:

Headache, Cough, Nasal discharge, Fever, Congestion, Toothache, etc. 

Sleep Apnea

Apnea is a medical word to stop breathing. Sleep apnea is a disorder causing an individual to stop breathing for brief periods while sleeping. 

Symptoms of apnea are Mood swings, Depression, waking up frequently in the middle of the night, morning headaches, etc. 

Visit ENT Specialist in Gurgaon if you encounter any of these infections. Don’t be late in visiting the specialist.

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