What Are the Methods to Disinfect Laundry At Home?

by Areeb Khan Professional Laundry Attendant

Keeping good health is mandatory for everyone in our home. However, some of the infections caused by a virus, bacteria can make us become sick for a while. Also, such contagious infections should be prevented from spreading to others in our homes as well to the people around. Research studies and the developers of laundry app Dubai have provided some useful tips on how to kill these infections that might occur in our home laundry. Prevention is far better than a cure and based on this input some valuable tips are shared here for the homemakers as well as the other users of washers at home.


·       Laundry disinfectants: It is generally perceived by many that the task of laundry disinfection is expensive. In a real sense, it not expensive. One can do this action easily without damaging the fabrics in such infected clothes. The market offers various types of products which are safe and are available easily in all the local stores. These products are tested and approved by the appropriate authorities before releasing these products into the market. Users can know more about these products and directions for using these products.

·   Phenolic disinfectant: This is pretty useful to eliminate the infections from the clothes and should be used with hot or warm water for best results. This product comes with the brand Lyson which can be used for both white and coloured clothes. It is freely available in all stores and it should be used with rinsed warm water. 


·     Pine oil disinfectant: Considered to be highly effective, this product can be used in hot water and is sold in a brand name called Pine-Sol, Lyson Pine and many more. For better results, this product needs to be added before the washing cycle. According to the suppliers, this unique product is made mainly from pine oil. 


·  Liquid chlorine disinfectant: Called as Sodium hypochlorite or chlorine bleach, is yet another product widely used in many homes across the world. Since this is a strong chemical product, it is used in low quantities so that it will not damage the fabric. Of course, this cannot be used in all kinds of clothes and this product is sold under the brand name Clorox in the local market. 


·       Methods to use laundry disinfectants: This is a critical element in the whole process. Though viral or bacterial infections are rare through clothes, care should be taken while using the washer. Hot water is essential to clean the garments and the usage of the right disinfectant seems to be the real key in getting the desired results. Always use the high heat drying cycle in your washer while washing these infected clothes. 


·       Using cotton clothes: For sick patients is desirable as this fabric is easy for disinfect with hot water. Other fabrics cannot stand the high dosage of the chemicals used for disinfection. Users need to wear disposable rubber gloves and keep the face away from the clothes that are to be cleaned. Wash the linen fabric as quickly as possible as this material can make the contamination faster than the other fabrics. One has to make sure to clean the washer after the cleaning process so that this unique wash should not contaminate the other regular washes. 


·  Cleaning sick bed stains: One has to take special care while cleaning the clothes of the sick patients. Stains created by medicines, ointments, blood, vomit, faeces, urine need special care. Use the right temperatures while cleaning these infected clothes. Use the product manual wherein the suppliers have given the tight washing cycles while cleaning such infected clothes. Also, take the guidance of your doctor who is treating the patient. Never use your own methods while doing these disinfectants and always go by the prescribed instructions. For a safety measure, protect your hands and other parts of your body by staying away from these infected clothes. While washing use the disposable gloves to avoid the spread of infection into your body, especially the face. 


·       Safety precautions: Handling infected clothes while using a washer needs some amount of caution for the users. Studies have revealed the fact that handling the biologically infected clothes can spread the infection to the users. Hence, it is strongly recommended to use a pair of disposable gloves while cleaning the soiled clothes through a home washer. Experts at the dry cleaning Dubai marina suggest using the plastic laundry hamper which can wipe down the disinfectant while laundry your clothes. One has to keep the face away while doing this task.

We can conclude here by ascertaining the fact that disinfecting home laundry seems to be an important part while keeping out clothes and other fabrics we use in our homes. Such a proactive action will surely keep away some infectious diseases from the family members. Using good chlorine bleach can be a good remedy to sanitize clothes like diapers, towels, bedsheets and other fabrics. However, not all clothes can be bleached as your washer may not permit this combination. In such cases, one can use other cleaning agents like tea tree oil, borax, hydrogen peroxide and so on. These agents are to be used in certain conditions and most of them are found to be safe and not produce any side effects on your clothes. 

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