What are the main causes of head lice infestation?

by Nit B Gone Lice Removal Services In Boston

It is not a surprise if your child has head lice. It has been estimated that around 6 million to 12 million children, mostly of 3 to 12 years old, get head lice. These parasitic wingless insects live only on the human head and are extremely contagious. Many think that not keeping personal hygiene leads to lice infestation. This is almost wrong. According to professionals offering lice removal in Boston, personal hygiene has nothing to do it. Moreover, these insects do not spread any disease.

The main way you can get head lice is when your head comes in direct contact with the head of an infested individual. It is not always that infestation will spread by head-to-head contact, but it gives the best opportunity to these wingless parasitic insects to move from the hair of the infested person to your hair. These tiny insects do not jump, swim or fly. They crawl easily along the hair. So, if your hair comes in contact with an infested hair, it does not take time for a louse to crawl on a strand of your hair.

It is quite easy to identify head lice or nits. You will be able to see them by parting your child’s hair into small sections and checking for them with a fine-tooth comb. The areas you should focus is on the scalp, behind the ears and around the nape of the neck. If your child has lice, you will come to know about it very soon. With the infestation, comes itching and scratching. Itching or scratching actually comes due to the reaction to the saliva of the louse. However, itching may not start right away. It depends on how sensitive your child’s skin is. Sometimes, it takes too long for kids with lice to start scratching.

Parents generally go for lice removal in Boston when they find their child has developed small red bumps or sores from scratching. Excessive scratching can lead to bacterial infection. So, sooner you take help of lice removal services, the better.

"I will always prefer a professional for lice removal near me" – this is what most of the parents say when asked about the steps they will take to help their children get rid of headlice. Parents always seek lice removal services near them as it offers them ease. They can have the professionals visit their home for offering services. The lice removal professionals also offer their services in schools and camps.

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