What are The Important Selenium with Java Interview Questions?

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Selenium is the first thing, which people consider when people plan to automate web applications testing. This is a beneficial tool as it is not just open source but it is also a portable software testing framework designed for web applications, which support many languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, etc. Here selecting the right language depends on the application under test, the supporting community, usability, availability of the test automation frameworks, elegance, and seamless building integration. Java is a famous programming language and it is also the third most well-known back-end technology after SQL and JavaScript.

Now if you want to learn about the importance of Selenium with Java interview questions, here comes a list of a few:

1.     Why do developers choose Selenium with Java?

Writing Selenium test cases with Java has several benefits. These are:

·        Selenium supports Java. Therefore, the testers can control the active community of contributors along with detailed documentation for writing test cases.

·        Java is more popular to use in commercial applications compared to other programming languages such as Python. Therefore, it makes integrating Selenium tests easier.

·        Programs, which are written in Java, are faster than other well-known programming languages like Python.


2.     What are the best practices of learning Selenium with Java?

The important aspects to keep in mind when writing Selenium with Java are:

·        Use of right locator

·        Use of right wait and avoid using ‘Thread.Sleep’

·        Make way into the test-driven script

·        Never make scripts that are specific to any driver or browser

·        Taking reporting and screenshots

·        Validating tests by using assertions


3.     Importance of using JavaScript Executor?

JavaScriptExecutor is the interface that offers the mechanism for executing JavaScript through Selenium WebDriver. It offers both “executeAsyncScript” and “executescript” methods, to operate JavaScript concerning the presently selected window or frame.


4.     What is Encapsulation in Java? How to achieve or implement it?

·        Encapsulation in Java is the procedure of binding corresponding methods or data together into a single unit. There are two ways to implement or achieve encapsulation in the Java program.

·        Affirming instance variable of class as private so that it can directly be accessed by anybody from outside the class.

·        Offer the public setter and getter methods in the class for modifying or setting the value of variables.


5.     What is data hiding in Java and how to achieve it?


Data hiding is the method that allows the users to directly prevent accessing variables or data members from outside the class so that they can achieve data security. It is possible to implement data hiding programmatically by declaring the data variables or members as private.

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