What Are The Early Signs Of Bipolar Disorder?

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Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder offer witnesses a depressed mood that is like manic depression. When an individuals sickness is seen in a classic design, diagnosing bipolar disorder is comparatively simple.

bipolar disorder-

But bipolar disorder can be very sneaky. Irregular series of mild mania or hypomania can remain undetected. Depression can take you've all the other facets of the sickness. And substance abuse if prevails can overshadow the rest.

When seen together these factors makes it very hard to diagnose the signs of bipolar disorder.

The bipolar disorder is often mistaken with depression. Bipolar II disorder is a mild form of magic series. Time spend to notice signs of depression is lesser than the time spent to diagnose hypomanic signs.

Anyone who is diagnosed and observed with depression should also be observed for manic or hypomanic series.

Bipolar and substance abuse

Substance abuse can complexities the diagnosing and treatment procedure of bipolar disorder. Substance abuse often considered to be the spouse of bipolar disorder. Some of the researches exhibit that about sixty percent of individuals suffering from bipolar disorder also has a habit of substance abuse. When substance abuse is left untreated or makes it nearly impossible to manage mood signs of bipolar disorder.

A substance like cocaine and alcohol can also make the case worse. For instance, individuals high on cocaine can look manic while they are not and have a depression crash when the drug wears off. Some individuals suffering from bipolar disorder makes use of alcohol or drugs for the impulsivity and recklessness of mania. Others make use of some independent substance which needs its own treatment process.

Teenagers and bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder usually initiated to pop up in the late teen years. Bipolar disorder in adolescence is very adverse, it is often more adverse than in adults. Teenagers suffering from. Bipolar disorder at more prone to suicide.

Unluckily, bipolar depression in adolescents generally goes undiagnosed and untreated. As when the signs are diagnosed in teen years they do not match with the full criteria regarding bipolar disorder. Some professionals are of the view that bipolar disorder can be over-diagnosed in kids and teens particularly when the signs consist of mood swings and disruptive behavior than alterations in sleep or energy.

Early signs of bipolar disorder

     Unreasonable period of anger

     Overconfidence and grandiosity

     Frequent sadness

     Become tearful easily


     Irrational impulsive behavior

     Chaos and unfocused


Other bipolar disorder symptoms that may exhibit the presence of this disorder needs to be evaluated may consist of overeating, excessive tension and stress, feeling of being trapped and anxiety.

It is essential to bear in mind that sometimes some of these signs can take place in teens and adults who are completely healthy. The right time to hold concerns js when they form a pattern over a period of time and hinders in the routine function of life. Kids with signs of bipolar disorder should be recommended to undergo a complete evaluation by psychologist or psychiatrist holding expertise in mood disorder for bipolar disorder treatment.

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