What are The Different Material Types of Modular Office Furniture?

by Milla James Daily Business News

So you are looking for the best Modular office furniture manufacturers in Delhi. Before you buy any furniture for your office, it’s helpful to discover its different material options in the market. 

Explore our top three picks right below:


Types: Solid Wood and Plywood

Solid wood furniture comes from a tree that is cut down and sawn onto unsystematic lengths. The boarding of the furniture is random, and the design is sluggish to put. As trees are round in shape, there is a large waste when installing solid wood. For making 1-inch thick board, the waste could reach more than the yield.  

The perks of having solid wood furniture are that it looks classy and is deficiently more impressive as compared to lumber furniture. Manufactured furniture has a cheaper feel and look. Also, solid wood furniture lasts longer. 

Plywood furniture is manufactured to be used as a visual, exposed, beautiful, and finely finished surface. Hardwood shows significant movement crossways the grain but insignificant reduction or bulging in a longitudinal flat surface. The impartial building of a plywood board with the attractive grain way of contiguous veneers at precise angles leans to level stress, thus dropping swelling, contraction, and warping.

Modular Office Furniture Manufacturers

The important aspect of plywood manufacturing is that it outcomes in the protection of wood by the removal of the waste that occurs when you saw it. The best part is that waste is restricted to the tiny hub, which stays after flaking, and form the veneer that is missing in rounding up the plank.


Metal Modular office furniture manufacturers in Delhi are often used as legs, table bases and frames of the furniture. They are also measured as a prime material for kitchen cabinetry, office furniture, utility, and other units in the office.

Metal office furniture and utility cabinets, files, shelves, etc. are made of steel sheet. Further, these sheets are cut and twisted to figure box shapes, or with bent edges used to build tops or shelves.

The thickness of these metal sheets is a significant aspect in shaping the excellence of a furniture piece. The metal sheet is too thin to be holding up well. The thicker metal sheet is vigorous, lasts longer, and will oppose deforming.


Every house has plastic furniture. The biggest reason is the inexpensiveness of the furniture as compared to wood and metal. In case your budget is tight, plastic furniture is the best option. However, it’s not as strong as the above two materials. Its lifespan is low, and you need to replace it after a few years or even months. 

You can choose your plastic furniture out of a variety of colours and designs. You can easily mould the plastic into any shape, and hence it’s reliable when it comes to getting a specific design for your office. 

So which one suits your requirements the most?

Whichever Modular office furniture manufacturers in Delhi you pick for your office, make sure it suits your requirements, budget, and environment. 

So buy furniture right now!

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