What Are The Different Categories Of Asthma Medications?

by Crazzy Paul Digital Markting Professional
Asthma is a health condition in which the airways of a person becomes narrow and produced extra mucus which further leads to breathing difficulties. This situation also causes coughing or shortness of breathe in the affected person.  One can buy generic as well as non-generic asthma drugs online and in medical stores for the treatment of asthma. Since there are only a few generic medicines; one can get access to the non-generic formulas with the help of a doctor's prescription.  

Depending on the patient’s age, and the severity and the symptoms of asthma in patients, the doctors prescribe asthma medications accordingly. The severity of asthma can change over times; as a result, patients suffering from asthma are needed to consult their doctor regularly, so that proper adjustments can be made in terms of asthma medication to control different levels of asthma. The various types of asthma medications can be broadly classified under the following categories.

Long-term control medications:

This is one of the most important forms of medication and is used regularly to control chronic asthma symptoms and also to prevent asthma attacks. One can buy this type of asthma drugs prescribed by the doctors online to control their symptoms. Some of the most important medication falls under this category are - Inhaled corticosteroids, Theophylline, Long-acting Beta-agonists, Leukotriene modifiers, and combination inhalers. While inhaled corticosteroids help in reducing swelling of airways; Theophylline is taken mostly at night time for relaxing the airways and reducing the lungs' reaction to various irritants. Long-acting Beta-agonists (LABAs) also reduce swelling of airways for about 12 hours. It is advisable to use them with inhaled corticosteroids. There are some combination inhalers that contain both corticosteroids and LABAs. Leukotriene modifiers help in blocking the effects of an immune system chemical known as leukotrienes, which are responsible for causing the symptoms of asthma.

Medication for allergy-related asthma:

One can buy this type of medication along with asthma drugs online and in medical stores to reduce the body’s reaction to a particular allergic substance. There are two types of medication falls under this category - allergy shots and allergy medication. A patient has to undergo a skin test, for the doctors to identify the type of allergy that causes asthma in them. Then the doctors prescribe shots in different doses to treat the allergy. This form of treatment can continue up to five years. Allergy medications are available both in oral as well as nasal sprays, however, they cannot be used as a substitute for asthma medication.

Quick-relief medication:

This type of medication is also called rescue medications as they can prevent an asthma attack. As the name suggests they provide fast relief from the symptoms of asthma. As a matter of fact, one can buy generic asthma drugs online both in the form of the inhaler as well as nebulizer online or from medical stores. This type of medication is not for daily use and can be used only during an emergency. Their effects last for four to six hours.

Asthma medications are available both for long-term controlling as well as for quick relief from the symptoms. Besides, there are biologic forms of medication as well which is used to stop the various underlying biological responses that can lead to severe symptoms of asthma.

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