What are the best adventure activities to try in Oman?

by Rubi Ahsan Associate S.E.O Consultant

Here are the best adventure activities to try in Oman to get a lifetime memorible holiday experience

Oman is a destination chock full of exciting adventure activities for adrenaline junkies to try.

With vast deserts, unexplored cliffs, towering mountains, rugged wadis, and deep blue lakes and seas, the country is blessed with the endless beauty of nature. Whatever flavor of adventure you crave, you'll find it in the Sultanate of Oman.

Here we offer a list of adventure activities for you to try on your next visit to Oman.

Dune Bashing

Hitting the dunes or driving through the desert is a thrilling experience where you can test your nerves in the vast expanse of sand. Zahara Tours is one of the leading desert safari tour operators in Oman with extensive experience in organizing amazing dune tours. Our vehicles take you through the wilderness on a frantic journey that has you hanging on the edge of the seats and screaming as you ride up and down the dunes. Oman's desert sand dunes provide an amazing experience you won't forget in your life. It's a rough and difficult journey, but our well-maintained 4X4 vehicles and highly experienced drivers make it safe!

You will be amazed by the vast emptiness of the Sharqiya Desert, where there are only rolling dunes stretching to the horizon. It is the ideal activity for thrill seekers while remaining perfectly safe for those looking to give their holidays a little pep. However, just because we say it's a safe activity, don't think it's just a long drive through the desert; There is plenty of excitement to be had when surfing the waves and it is an activity best undertaken with the guidance of experienced riders. Then you can take a trip to Bedouin settlements to learn about desert life or combine it with a stay in a desert camp. Zahara Tours can organize a well-planned tour for you, which is why they are a leading tour operator in Oman.

With high dunes and long sand valleys, you will never tire of the adrenaline rush of dune bashing in Oman. Discover the breathtaking sands found in the vast Wahiba Desert with Zahara Tours on one of the many dune tours, or choose to tackle the dunes during your stay at 1000 Nights Camp, Arabian Oryx Camp, or Desert Nights Camp.

Go mountain biking

Since its popularization in the 1970s, mountain biking has become an increasingly popular adventure sport that is now enjoyed by many avid cyclists around the world. Here in Oman, an increasing number of bikers have discovered the charm of the vast Omani landscape and have chosen to travel to the country to experience its charm.

In addition to the vast Al Sharqiya sand desert, Oman is also geographically defined by the Al Hajar Mountains which form an important part of the country's geographical configuration. At their highest point in the Musandam peninsula, the Hajars rise to 2,000 meters and it is in these peaks and valleys that you will find many graded tracks originally used by 4x4s which make them the ideal terrain for mountain biking cross country skiing in Oman. These tracks are usually the width of a car and provide enough space for two cyclists to pedal alongside each other. The slopes vary a lot in difficulty, being easily passable even if sometimes they become steep. In some routes, the tracks cross wadis, which makes them more difficult to walk because the path is more difficult to follow without an expert guide. In recent years, many new tracks have been constructed to serve larger infrastructure projects; Although not scenic, they are often quite tricky to ride and are fun to get to new areas. Sometimes nearby desert sand can be swept off a track making cycling more difficult. In addition to these, remnants of old donkey trails and walking trails can be turned into popular single trails after some clearing and trail building.


Many think that the Sultanate of Oman is made up of small towns surrounded by a vast, arid and barren desert, but what most don't realize is that Oman is a region with a diverse and beautiful landscape, and the Tourists should learn that the most amazing landscapes in the country are only accessible to those who are willing to trek for it.

With perfectly suited temperatures for nearly nine months of the year, with cool evenings suited to keen campers, Oman is the perfect destination to plan your next hiking holiday. Some of the best trails are near the Wadis with easy and difficult routes to choose from.

Wadi tours

Once those of Wadi are mentioned, it should be specified that they are an adventure in themselves. On a long, hot afternoon, there's nothing more refreshing than a dip in a wadi pool – its cool, clear water washes away the dust and heat of the day. Shaded by date palms and fruit trees, these natural oases are adored by most Omanis, who will come to these beautiful corners of paradise for picnics, parties, and impromptu diving competitions.

If you ask for advice, you'll be inundated with choices, as everyone has their personal favorites who will be happy to show you the way. Some of the best wadis are hard to reach without a guide and we promise they'll be worth the effort, as you'll realize gazing at the clear blue and green waters or exploring the caves and cliff-like structures. Some of the popular Wadi include Wadi Ghul, Wadi Arbayeen, Wadi Bani Khalid, and Wadi Shab among others; Also, if you have time, you should head to Bimmah Sinkhole for a delicious evening.

Snorkeling and scuba diving

Oman's pristine marine life and coral provide a safe, affordable, and friendly place to dive or snorkel and are generally more accessible than similar destinations in the Pacific Islands region. Ocean temperatures in the Gulf of Oman and North Arabian Sea tend to remain quite comfortable with average temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius in November, becoming even hotter during the summer months, i.e. i.e. from July to September.

Some of the best times to plan your Oman snorkeling trip are from November to January, when the water temperature and visibility are at their peak. The clear waters also help you spot some of the increasing numbers of sharks and dolphins in the area at these times of the year. A trip to one of the nine beautiful Daymaniyat Islands is one of the most popular dive sites, with the islands being around seventeen kilometers from the coast, or around half an hour by boat. The town of Musandam is another top destination for diving enthusiasts with turtles, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, and sea eagles in sight.

Those who think scuba diving is too much for them should try snorkeling to see the beauty under the waters, where they are home to breathtaking underwater corals, fish such as parrotfish, wrasse, and sergeant fish, and rarely even clown fish or even a thrilling swim with stingrays, leopard sharks, and cuttlefish.

Whale watching and dolphin watching

You can opt for whale and dolphin-watching excursions to Musandam, Ras al Hadd, Masirah Island, and Dhofar. On these tours, keep your eyes peeled for those rare sightings of these migratory beings that travel these routes every year. Vessels used for dolphin-watching tours around the country can vary in size, from small open-deck boats with outboard motors to larger, more traditional wooden dhows; Most of these tours are based in Muscat and usually last around two hours, or more when combined with snorkeling or other types of coastal tours.

In the Muscat area, spinner dolphins are spotted all year round. Many other species are also frequently encountered such as common bottlenose dolphins, Risso's dolphins, Bryde's whales, false killer whales, sperm whales, and, more rarely, killer whales, blue whales, and humpback whales in the Atlantic Sea. 'Oman. Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins are spotted year-round in the shallow coves of the Musandam Peninsula in northern Oman, and one or both species are spotted seasonally, from September to May, along the coasts of mainland Dhofar to the south. from the country. Humpback whales in the Arabian Sea are seen only occasionally, and that too almost exclusively in Dhofar.

Camel Safari

For a slower but no less fascinating experience, camel excursions into the sands of Sharqiya can be arranged with local Bedouins, whose knowledge of the area is second to none. This is one of the most unforgettable and enchanting experiences you can have in Oman, cross the choppy, windswept desert on camelback, then choose to camp under the stars or return to your hotel. Going on a camel safari will also allow you to witness the rustic and rural life of the desert in Oman. Although the desert can be barren, it is also surprisingly well populated, with a surprising amount of vegetation and wildlife to be seen, including several migratory birds that pass through in the appropriate season.

Many other exciting adventure sports are also available in Oman such as paragliding, river crossing, camping, etc.

If you want to Discover the ultimate Active adventure through Oman! experiences to wildlife encounters, there are a private, group, and tailor-made adventures to choose from. With some of our much-loved tour operators offering all-inclusive activity packages, you’re sure to find your perfect Oman adventure! if you find more information on adventure tour packages in Oman

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