What Are the Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers?

by NABAT Trading Organic Fertilizer Company
The use of chemical fertilizers results in soil erosion and poor crop production. The overabundance of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, nitrogen, and other micro nutrients affects the ability of soil to hold water for long and results in waterway pollution and mineral depletion of the soil. Adding too much chemical fertilizer to plants can turn the green color of the leaves into yellow or brown. It will make the soil more prone to soil acidification thus reducing the crop yield.

To combat these implications of using chemical fertilizers, one should replace them with organic fertilizers that are not just chemical-free but also great for the growth of plants. The nutrients that are present in organic fertilizers include manure, vegetable peel, peat, slurry, guano, compost, etc. These nutrients come from mined rock minerals, natural plant, and animal materials that help the soil to retain nutrients and hold water for long thus improving soil fertility. 

One can also check the quality of the soil by testing the pH level and soil acidity of the garden area before adding organic fertilizer in the soil. 

Some of the examples of organic fertilizers include Alfalfa, NPK Ratio : 3-2-2, cottonseed meal, NPK Ratio : 6-1-1, corn gluten meal, NPK Ratio : 0.5-0.5-1, Rock Phosphate, NPK Ratio : 0-5-0, cow manure, NPK Ratio : 2.5-1-1.5, chicken or poultry manure, NPK Ratio :3.5-1.5-1.5, Earthworm Castings, NPK Ratio : 2-1-1, greensand, NPK Ratio : 1-1-5, compost, soybean meal, blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, seabird guano, bat guano, fish meal, etc. 

Here are the following reasons for using organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizers - 

It results in plant growth - Plants need nutrients for proper growth and development and organic fertilizers have all the essential nutrients that prevent plants from getting chemically burn. Organic fertilizers are not like chemical fertilizers that will immediately be absorbed by plants but they are first broken down by soil bacteria and fungi which makes it easy for plants to absorb all the nutrients from the soil content.

It helps in soil improvement - Using organic fertilizers results in the improvement of soil structure and its nutrient content. Due to this the soil will able to hold onto water and nutrients and will result in better fertility and high crop yield. 

It helps to avoid plant damage causing due to chemical fertilizer - Chemical fertilizers can cause plant damage to leaves and roots and will likely result in poor fertility and less crop production. However, organic fertilizers maintain the pH balance in the soil and don’t leave any chemical compounds behind.

If you are a farmer, grower, or consumer want to do sustainable agricultural production then buy organic fertilizers online and boost the efficiency of the nutrients presentin the soil. The soil is well tested by the soil experts so one can buy them without worrying about the soil and crop damage.

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