What are the benefits of having Alcohol Free Perfumes?

by Naina Agarwal Designer and Marketing

Imagine spending that hard-earned money on a bottle of perfume and getting only alcohol in it. Situations like this are loved by none. However, it is very important to know whether you are having a perfume with a good amount of essential oils or a good amount of alcohol. And, trust us, when we say a bottle of perfume can contain as high as 90% of alcohol in it and due to this very reason perfumes tend to woof off in few hours. So, next time when you are on a perfume hunt, make sure to check what you are buying. 

Keeping that in mind, let us look at the benefits of having alcohol free perfumes.

Benefits of Alcohol Free Perfumes

  • Perfumes made with oils have a natural scent which makes them more intense and aromatic once sprayed.

  •  The alcohol-free perfumes tend to last longer than the ones with alcohol as they evaporate easily.

  • Natural perfumes are a great option for ones who have sensitive noses. The chances of nasal allergies are very less. So, if you feel nausea after applying certain perfumes then it is because of the alcohol in them.

  • Alcohol-based perfumes are not so good as an option in weather conditions such as hot and dry. They are more prone to cause skin allergies and people with such issues should avoid them.

  • The perfumes with natural essential oils are great to calm your mind and give an aromatic experience. The psychological connection of scent and mind is very true as fragrances like lemon, lavender, and rose have a positive impact on one’s mind.

After understanding all the good benefits of having a natural perfume, you might want to get one for yourself. It is the right time to get your hands on Adiveda Natural perfume for men and women. The brand has a wide range of non-alcoholic perfumes in different fragrance families. The perfumes from this particular brand are a great choice as they stay for longer and don’t harm the skin in any case. Get one for yourself and you are set to rock those parties with your confidence.

I hope this article may have helped you to understand how important it is to have non-alcoholic perfumes.

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