What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Medical Exam Tables?

by Anuj Oza Hospital Equipment Provider

Timber medical examination tables have been used by medical professionals for eras. Before stainless steel and power examination tables were routine, it was timber that specialists relied on to help treat patients.

Today, timber medical examination tables have come a long way from the rudimentary design. That’s why many Examination Table Manufacturers still bid on high-quality, heavy-duty timber medical examination tables. Read on to absorb more about the advantages and disadvantages of exam tables made from these resources.

Advantages of Wooden Medical Exam Tables

First things first, let’s begin with some of the advantages of using wood treatment tables in your examination room.


Medical apparatus is costly in general. Though, wood medical exam tables are often a more reasonable option when likened to stainless steel hydraulic medical examination tables or other equipment.

That’s because these tables are completed with materials like plywood and laminate that are more inexpensive. If you’re looking to arm your examination room with medical-grade apparatus on a financial plan, wooden medical exam tables are the seamless choice.


If you’re continuously stirring around your medical equipment, you need a lightweight examination table. A bariatric examination table for medical offices with a steel station is no doubt problematic for transfer and position. A timber medical examination table, on the other hand, is usually lighter and calmer to move.

Whether your office is constricted on space or requests a movable table, wood is a great choice. The wooden medical exam tables supplied by Examination Table Suppliers of the 21st century aren’t large or hefty because they use tough yet light materials like plywood in addition to coats and more.


Lastly, we can’t ignore the customization choices for wood. While metal has a smooth look, it can also look germ-free and there is no way to select different colors. Wood, on the other hand, can be modified to fit your office design.

Along with selecting a fabric color, you can also select a base color for the wood. This is a countless way to generate a friendly and beautifully pleasing examination room. Additionally, you can also add other apparatuses to advance patient ease. From straps and height-adaptable backrests, these can all be encompassed with a wood examination table.

Disadvantages of Wooden Medical Exam Tables

Like with any solid, there are also some disadvantages to wooden treatment tables. Here is a trickle of them to reflect on before acquiring from an Examination Table Dealers.


Plywood is what’s used for many timber examination tables today because it is extensively obtainable and affordable. Though, plywood is vulnerable to dampness and moisture levels in the air. Because plywood is completed up of numerous layers of wood, each layer can captivate dampness through direct contact or moisture in the air. When wood captivates dampness over time, it can swell and cringe when it dries.

Too much development and reduction over time can cause the table to twist or, in extreme cases, splinter.


Contagion control is extremely vital to health care professionals. Everything from apparatus to examination couches and tables must be properly sanitized to help deliver the best quality of patient care.

In terms of resources, wood can be the most problematic to clean. That's because it’s a permeable surface and you must also be careful not to drench it in too much fluid cleaner that would warp the wood.


When it comes to toughness, wood examination tables don’t always top the list. While they are still tremendously tough, they don’t have the high weight volume that, for instance, a stainless steel bariatric treatment table has.

If you need an enormously tough exam table for your practice, choose equipment with steel borders and more that can endure more wear and tear and last lengthier overall.

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