What are the 5 best ways to get the best Hair Wig?

by Kush Khurana Marketing Head, Freelancer

Hair Loss has become the crucial issue in the world. In that case people go for buying Hair Wigs. Generally People buy wigs for two purposes either to hide the baldness or for fashion purpose. Before buying any wigs we must know its quality & its maintenance & care steps for longevity of the hair wig.

Here I am going to explain the 5 ways you could get the best out of your hair wig:

1. Avoid continuous exposure to sunshine and bad weather condition:

Wigs, especially chemically dyed wigs, should never be exposed to prolonged sunshine. In fact, wigs must be treated just like your own skin. Exposure to the hot sun for long may take away the shine and the quality of your wig. Oxidation during the bad weather may deteriorate it to a non-retainable condition. Heavy rain or harsh dusty wind affects the wig to a great extent. One must always cover the head with hood or scarf to protect the wigs from damage.

2. Use formulated conditioner and shampoo for wigs:

There may be misconceptions that using regular shampoos and conditioners are good for human hair wigs. But unfortunately, these products may contain ingredients that are unhealthy for the wigs. Wigs do not contain proteins or natural oils to restore or replenish hair. Also, the alcohol content in the regular shampoos may also damage your wig. So, one must choose the shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for wigs carefully.

3. Always try to use a wide-toothed comb:

If you bought a good quality wig, it must be densely packed with hair containing more strands of hair than found normally on average wigs or human scalp. These are therefore more prone to tangling. Using normal brushed combs used for detangling human hair exerts too much strain on the join of two strands and thus breaks them. It is therefore advised that one must use wide-toothed comb for detangling the wig for smoother processing. While combing, the comb should be proceeded from the ends towards the hair upwards to avoid accidentally pulling out expensive hair strands.

4. Properly time to time wash you wig with boiling water:

Washing your wig with hot or boiling water may affect its quality very drastically. Always use normal to cold water for washing your hair wig. Also, never roughly towel dry your wig, for you may pull off the strands and damage it in that way. Towels made of natural fiber like silk or cotton are best suited to damp dry the wet wigs.  Washing wigs frequently may also deteriorate their luster and strength. One must wash it at an interval of 15-20 days. Roughly scrubbing the wig hair while washing, mostly for curly or wavy wigs, may tangle the hair and shed off the strands.

5. Do not Heat more than 180 degrees:

While using heated appliances for styling your hairs wig, the temperature must not exceed 180 degrees. Exceeding this temperature can melt or break your hair strands, decreasing the density which may cause you great loss of expensive hair strands. While drying the hair with hair dryer the temperature should be taken care of to avoid damage.

The above steps must be looked after for the care and maintenance of the wigs. Also, to ensure safety and longevity of the hair wig one must always follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

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