What are Some Effective Tips to Maintain an Electric Golf Cart

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Just like normal traditional vehicles, golf carts also need regular maintenance in order to give you the best ride. Before you begin to do maintenance or repairs on your golf cart, the first thing you need to identify what type of golf cart you are having. The two major types of golf carts are electric and gas-powered. Gas-powered golf carts run on gas on the other hand electric golf carts use batteries as their power source.

What are Some Effective Tips to Maintain an Electric Golf Cart

Gas-powered golf carts are not much popular as other types, because they cause carbon emissions and produce more noise while running. They can reach higher speeds than electric ones and also can haul more loads. When it comes to electric golf carts, they are more environmentally friendly and quieter in operation. You can buy one from golf cart deals at the patriot RV discount center. They are having a wide variety of golf buggy for their customers at affordable prices. This type of golf cart is more popular because it doesn’t require more amount of money for maintenance and repair costs when compared to other types.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the effective tips to maintain your golf cart in order to run smoothly.

Charge the Batteries:

Like any other electric device, your club cars also need batteries in order to function properly. You need to make a habit of plugging it in on the power socket whenever you are not using it. Doing this regularly after every use will ensure that you always have access to golf carts when you need them.

Check the Battery Water Levels:

In addition to charging your golf cart batteries regularly, you also need to keep a close eye on the water levels in them. The lead plates in the golf cart batteries need to be completely submerged in the battery water in order to work effectively. When you check the water levels in your batteries and the plates are not submerged, it is essential to add water to bring them back up. You need to add distilled water directly to your batteries until the water levels sit about ½ inch above the lead plates in your batteries.

Check the Tires:

When you are having a golf cart, you should make a habit of checking each tire’s air pressure on a regular basis. If you notice that the air pressure is low, fill your tire with air. This helps in preventing your tires from wearing out quicker than they should and also make your ride a lot smoother.

Inspect the Brakes:

Most people don’t drive golf carts very fast. As a result, the brakes on the golf cart won’t wear out easily as the brakes on other traditional vehicles. Inspect the brakes at least once a year and also brake pads, drums, and cables need to be inspected properly to keep them working efficiently.


When your golf cart is properly maintained properly, it won’t need any replacement of parts for a longer period of time. From the above, you can get clear knowledge about some essential tips to maintain an electric golf cart.

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