What are penny stocks and how to trade them?

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Proceeding day trading with penny stocks has gained widespread popularity and skyrocketed in recent years. The major reason behind this is that they efficiently turn small capital into larger returns and carry low entry restrictions. 

Sharp traders who understand how to double their capital with penny stocks have immense potential to earn swift and easy returns. However, the fact is many investors do not know how to trade them, and hence, they get trapped in heavy losses rather than profit. So, for now, major questions are: how to make money from stocks and how to buy and sell penny stocks? 

The answer to the first question is making money from these stocks is not an easy task. Trading in these companies is a bit different from trading in regular stock. Let's understand all ins and out related in the article provided below. 

What are penny stocks? 

Various names are provided to penny stocks such as stocks under $5, microcaps, small caps, and several others. However, some of the companies may not be registered or listed on the popular stock exchange. These stocks need a relatively refined strategy compared to other regular and average stocks. 

Four types of penny stocks 

There are four major types of penny stocks which include the following: 

Type 1: Several stocks are registered or listed on popular stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Generally, you can see their listed price as $5 per share or sometimes more than that. Analysts keep them in a higher position compared to OTC penny stocks. The reason for this is they have to give all financial data to the stock exchange. Thus, there are very few or no chances of manipulation. 

Type 2: These are particularly conventional penny stocks between 1 cent and 99 cents. 

Type 3: This type is usually known as sub-penny stocks, which generally trade lower than one penny per share. Eventually, you will find that these stocks are not firm enough to hold stock priced at 1 penny per share. You will never find such types of stocks on NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange. 

Type 4: This category is termed triple zero stocks. It reflects that the price of these stocks ranges from 0.0001 to 0.0009 cents per share. Often the term "hot penny stock" alerts are primarily on these stocks. They provide an advantage to those traders who purchased these stocks first. 

What is required for Good Penny Stocks? 

The major and hardest task in discovering how to make capital from trading penny stocks is locating them. Finding an undervalued stock is a tough step to start with, as many traders have the major money-creating stock. With these penny stocks, you also require searching for the undervalued share with a promising outlook, strong financial, and a positive value. 

Buying the potentially attractive penny stock is not the end; you also need to be sure enough that you can win the market by selling it. You can hold the stock if you find that conditions are not favorable or conditions will strongly move in your favor in the future. Do not sell it when no one is looking forward to purchasing it. Apart from this, the ultimate factor leading to success in these stocks is searching the hidden gem. Remember to purchase it at bargain value and hold it until the firm returns on the significant market exchange again and rebuilds again. 

How to trade penny stocks? 

For trading penny stocks, you require an online brokerage account. The steps for opening an account are: 

  • Register with the broker
  • Upload the mandatory documents
  • Choose the stock and account types
  • Deposit the minimum amount 
  • Start trading 

The Bottom Line 

Penny stocks are top-rated these days, but they also carry certain risks. Most of these firms are highly volatile and fly-by-night, putting investors into severe problems and impacting their hard-earned money. They may even lose their entire capital. However, it is not too difficult to make money in these stocks. The things you require are a robust trading strategy, continuous monitoring, deep market research, and a good broker. You can go with PrimeFin, a reliable and most popular firm in the financial market. 

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