What are Open MRI machines- their advantages and drawbacks over closed MRI Machines?

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The open MRI Machine is becoming popular as there is a belief that it causes less claustrophobia than closed MRI machines. Though both sets of machines have advantages and drawbacks connected to them. This article will examine the advantages and drawbacks specified by both kinds of machines. These Machines which are brought from the MRI Machine Suppliers are first tested for safety purposes.

What is an open MRI machine made by the MRI Machine Manufacturers?

This is the latest kind of MRI Machines designed keeping the comfort of the patient in mind. As its designation proposed the machine has an open design, which entails that the patient is not enclosed on all 4 sides by walls. It is also beneficial for patients who suffer from claustrophobia, as it can aid them to feel less bound and more tranquil during the MRI examination. This machine is used by doctors as they will use a closed MRI Machine. The Open MRI machine uses a robust magnetic field and radio waves to generate detailed pictures of the inside of the body. The pictures produced by the MRI Machine help doctors analyze and heal illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and brain and spine disorders.

What is the variation between Open MRI and closed MRI?

The closed MRI machine is an old-style machine that is intended to be denser and more efficient and it has a smaller footprint than the open MRI Machine. The closed MRI Machine has been in the market longer than the closed open MRI machine and there has been more research done on its efficacy in medical diagnosis. Closed MRI Machines are cheaper than open MRI machines which you can purchase from MRI Machine Manufacturers. The chief difference between the two kinds of MRI machines found with MRI machines is the level of claustrophobia that they cause. Closed MRI machines are recognized to be more claustrophobic, as patients are enclosed by walls on all sides. Open MRI machines have an open plan, which can aid to decrease feelings of claustrophobia for some patients. 


What are the Advantages and Drawbacks of an Open MRI machine?

There are numerous advantages of an open MRI machine, counting the following:

1. They are less claustrophobic for patients. Open MRI machines can be obliging for patients who suffer from claustrophobia, as they can benefit to decrease spirits of nervousness and fear.

2. These machines are frequently more roomy than closed MRI machines. The open machines have more room within them than the closed MRI Machines which is obliging for a bigger patient who can shift inside the machine during an examination.

3. Open machines generate less noise than closed MRI machines. A lot of patients will discover that the open MRI machine generates less noise than the closed one and it is obligatory for those patients that are sensitive to sound.

 There are some drawbacks of the Open MRI machines, that include the following:

1. The machines are not available at every hospital: Open MRI machines are not continuously obtainable at every site, which can be a difficulty for patients who require to have an MRI examination.

2. These machines are costlier than Closed MRI machines: these machines are costlier than closed MRI machines, which may prove to be a challenge for people on a tight budget.

3. They are not always as precise as closed MRI machines. While open MRI machines are getting more prevalent, they are always as precise as closed MRI machines. This is mostly because the open MRI machines are newer and have not been as extensively verified as closed MRI machines. This can be a hindrance for patients who need an exact analysis.

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