What are Manual Testing and Automation Testing?

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The procedure that is used throughout the software development process is called software testing. It is the process of comparing the requirements with the product and inspecting, verifying, and validating them. At PrimeSoft, we are dedicated to giving our consumers high-quality software test automation services; thus, before we release a product, we test its functionality and use. Let us look at the different types of testing:

Manual Testing

The process of manually testing software is known as manual testing.

Testing might be regarded as a manual when it is carried out by human resources. To put it another way, we manually run test cases in this type. In manual testing, the testers' abilities, expertise, and experience are crucial. 

Automation Testing 

Automation testing is the process of running test cases using automation tools. This kind of testing requires personnel who are skilled in scripting, among other things.

Examples of automation tools include Selenium, QTP, and UFT. C#, Java, Pearl, PHP, Python, and Ruby are all included with Selenium. Therefore, being fluent in any of these listed languages is sufficient. 

Why automation is necessary?

There are certain drawbacks to manual testing. We frequently have to perform repetitive testing, and repeating actions might get monotonous. Testing with both valid and incorrect inputs can enrage you. Errors happen to everyone, but we simply cannot cut corners when it comes to quality.

When discussing the delivery of the software, time constraints are crucial. Nobody can afford it if development teams don't finish the procedure before the deadline; since then, the company has lost consumers.

Testing software with negative inputs, for instance, could take a lot of time.

The primary barrier to any software development process is cost. For undiagnosed flaws, maintenance expenses can be a significant problem. Automation testing services enter the picture to win everything

Test case scenarios where automation testing can be the ideal choice:

We can think of the application's stable portions for automation. Areas we need to test frequently if you need to test particular parts after every build, for instance.

·         Automation should be thought of for test instances where human error is possible.

·         Automated test cases should be used when a significant volume of data or a diverse set of data needs to be tested.

·         Automation is required for any functionality that has a high-risk situation.

·         Test cases that are difficult to execute manually, such as multilingual websites

·         Automation should be considered for test cases that need to be tested in various contexts and with various browsers.



Test cases are executed manually.

Test cases are executed with the help of tools.

Reliability is less.

Reliability is more.

For some test cases, it consumes time.

As it is a machine, it takes less time to execute cases.

Humans can make mistakes, and hence accuracy is less.

The machine gives accurate results

As it includes human intervention, it is beneficial to check the ease of accessing the application.

It includes tools, so unable to check usability or accessibility.

Using manual testing, it could be difficult to test the application on different Operating systems.

With the help of Automation testing, we can easily test the application on different Operating systems.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to execute all the test cases, and it impacts test coverage.

In Automation testing, we can achieve the test coverage target.

For Manual, it may find difficult to test the application on different browsers.

Automation gives you the advantage to test the software on different browsers. Selenium allows us to test the application on different browsers.


In the vast field of testing, manual testing still has equal weight to automation. There are numerous testing types for which we must choose manual testing because the automation solution is ineffective. Tool scripts are manually created. The tool is manually created; although it doesn't need human intervention, it does need instruction from a person.

The restriction of any machine or software is that it can only perform the tasks that are specified for it (or sometimes advantage as it cannot act smarter than us). Although automation solutions currently have several drawbacks, they will eventually develop and improve.

A scalable test automation framework will enable your enterprise apps to go to market more quickly. PrimeSoft’s test automation framework is a tried-and-true IP-driven, tool-agnostic, platform-independent testing solution for automating and validating complex business processes in a variety of sectors. Contact PrimeSoft for trusted test automation services.

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