What are Low Voltage Circuit Breakers?

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An electrical circuit breaker is a device that can run manually or automatically for the protection and control of an electrical power system. One of the most significant ways of classifying different circuit breakers is based on the level of voltage at which they carry out their operations. The types of circuit breakers, based upon this classification, include low voltage circuit breakers and high voltage circuit breakers.

Low voltage circuit breakers work on voltages that are less than 1000 volts. On the other hand, the circuit breaker whose value lies above 1000V is called a high voltage circuit breaker. In addition to this, the insulation resistance of a high voltage circuit breaker is more than 100 mega ohms.

Read on to know more about low voltage circuit breakers, their function, use, and types:

The function of low voltage circuit breakers

The working of low voltage circuit breakers is the same as that of normal breakers. The function is to work as a safety device that prevents an excessive flow of current through a circuit. 

Low voltage circuit breakers conduct the flow of current when a nominal amount of current is passing through the circuit to the attached load. The conduction of current occurs even at the slightest contact. However, when the breaker senses an extremely or excessively large amount that does not fall in its range of operation, the contact breaks and the current flow is stopped at that very instant, when the trip unit actuates the bimetallic strip.

This type of circuit breaker also provides the circuit with a type of voltage insulation. Moreover, when the current retains a suitable value, it helps in retaining the flow as well.

Use of low voltage circuit breakers

Low voltage circuit breakers are used in homes and similar buildings to prevent a large amount of current from doing damage to the circuitry and resulting in a fire or other risks that can lead to devastation.

A trip unit provides an actuating signal for the closing as well as the opening of the breaker’s contact. The two types of trip units used in low voltage circuit breakers are the electronic trip unit and thermal-magnetic trip unit.

Low voltage circuit breaker products

The products that come under low voltage circuit breakers are air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakers, and more. Here is some more information on different types of low voltage circuit breakers:

  • Air circuit breakers: Air circuit breakers are also known as cross-blast circuit breakers. In this type of product, a chamber is fitted in the circuit breaker. The chamber is also called the arcchute.
  • Miniature circuit breakers: Miniature circuit breakers are those breakers that automatically switch the electrical circuit off if there is an abnormal condition related to the network.

With a better knowledge regarding the insulation resistance of high voltage circuit breakers, the voltage at which both low-voltage circuit breakers and high voltage circuit breakers work, and the function and usage of low voltage circuit breakers, you will have a better idea of what they are and what they do.

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