What are Different Treatments of Cancer ?

by Rahul Tyagi Team Leader
The term Cancer is used for the abnormal cells which have accumulated in the body and are growing at a swift rate. It is not a single disease but a group of different ones which have the potential to invade other parts. There are more than 100 different cancers known to human beings. Some of them are hard to detect in the body and are diagnosed only at later stages. It is important to screen for common cancers. If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, consult BLK hospital which gives you the best cancer treatment in India.

Cancer is a deadly disease which has no definite causes but several risk factors are associated with it. One of the biggest one of them is Tobacco. It is the leading cause of deaths due to Cancer. It can cause cancers of throat, lung, mouth, esophagus etc. Along with tobacco, alcohol also damages the body. Some of the other common risk factors are advanced age, exposure to sunlight, hot baths etc. The treatment depends on which body part has been hit and the extent of damage that has been caused. They are explained below – 
Surgery – It is the operation in which the affected cells are removed from the body. But there are different reasons to go ahead for surgery. Biopsy is the surgery which is done for diagnosis. In some cases, it is the only definitive way to diagnose. To find out the size and extent, staging is done. In some cases, it is not possible to remove the whole tumor. This procedure is used to remove as much of the tumor as possible. 
Radiation Therapy – In this treatment, there is the use of high energy X-rays or other particles to destroy affected cells. Cancer cells are killed without destroying nearby healthy cells. More than half of the patients receive this treatment at least once during their treatment course. One of the most common types of treatment is external beam radiation therapy. A machine is present outside the body which delivers the radiation. Some of the common types are 3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT etc.
Chemotherapy – This treatment modality uses powerful drugs to destroy the growth of cells. It keeps the cells from growing and dividing. They have the potential to kill some nearby healthy cells too. If the drugs target genes and proteins found in the cancer cells, then it is known as targeted therapy. It can be used before or after surgery and can also be used as the only treatment. 

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