What are Coderbyte assessments like?

by Akshay Sharma Tech Expert

Nowadays, many programmers who have applied for jobs at top tech companies are mandatorily asked to face an online test which is auto-protracted. Speaking of these online test portals, Coderbyte has been topping the online assessment website charts in recent days. 

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and others have started to assess candidates via the online test set up by Coderbyte to reject less-skilled candidates so that the direct interview will only have the most exemplary candidates.

Coderbyte is an online application designed to provide coding-based tests to assess a person’s programming abilities. 

Coderbyte challenges are extremely good, as they use a better interface, and it is very hard to cheat on them. 

If you’ve received a Coderbyte early screening test from a company,  you should know how the test will be, frequently asked questions, and how one should prepare for it.

 Continue reading to learn more about Coderbyte.

What question types can be expected in Coderbyte?

When you enter a Coderbyte test, you can expect question categories such as,

  • Coding

  • Custom

  • Open-ended

  • Multiple choice questions

From the above listed categories, you can expect a blend of all the above test types or simply just one; it depends on the company’s choice. Some tech companies can choose only to do coding or can customly add in their questions for the candidates to work on. Coderbyte just stands as an assessment mediator between the company’s recruiter and the candidates.

The best part about Coderbyte is that, while taking a test, every candidate will be given a feature named, “reference search” which enables them to search for resources so that they can finish the coding test easily.

What will the Coderbyte challenges be like?

In Coderbyte, you can expect easy, medium and hard level questions that are chosen by the recruiting company. There are more than 300 Coderbyte challenges to choose from, and based on the difficulty level, it will be posed at you. 

The best part is for each challenge, Coderbyte offers solution articles to read on, so all a candidate must do is practice. 

Perks and cons of Coderbyte

Coderbyte offers various services for companies and individuals. In fact, Coderbyte isn’t only used for interviews but many amateur programmers use it to practice mock interviews or just build their coding skills. 

Not just this, but there are more benefits to using Coderbyte including: 

  • Coderbyte helps companies to save every candidate’s response for future purposes.

  • Coderbyte allows uploading projects at a later stage for screening purposes.

  • Coderbyte is super affordable and has various perk options like top-tier authentic questions.

  • It offers space for many users to use it with its subscription plans.

While Coderbyte provides wholesome help, it also has some noteworthy disadvantages. They are,

  • It doesn’t provide SSO or API access directly.

  • Take home assessments have to be designed by oneself as there isn’t any inbuilt library to store.

  • Sometimes the dev team’s stack won’t work due to programming languages that are least used.

Sample Coderbyte Challenges

Coderbyte questions are easy to crack with the right amount of practice. Here are some of the common coding questions that you can expect.

1. When can you employ the bind function?

The Bind function is used to give a different result when we require it. We can bind a common function and an object for the positive result, and this is often done to avoid errors in the code. Once you know this basic use of the bind(), you can easily crack this question with a simple code.

2. What is http coding? 

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) coding is often known as HTTP status code. HTTP coding is a process run to process the browser’s request. Any website you click will receive a request from your browser to which the website’s server will respond. This is known as HTTP coding.

3. Explain “use strict”

When you want a particular code to follow only a certain rule, then the use strict function is used. It will execute a code in the strict mode. This strict mode will make it possible to use undeclared variables. In all your programs, you can employ strict mode for better results.

4. Explain the difference between == and ===

Both == and === are used for comparing two variables but they have a difference. In == two variables will be compared but its datatype gets avoided. Whereas in === the datatype and the two variables will be compared for the output.

5. How will you find if a string in Python consists of integers?

In Python, you can use the isnumeric() function to assess whether there are integers in a string. This function is pretty similar to isdigit() but it has some variations. isnumeric() checks whether the entire string’s characters are numbers whereas isdigit() spots whether the string only has digits. 

6. Explain float()

When you want to figure out a floating point number for a particular string, the float() is applied. This function helps in returning the value on the basis of which parameter gets passed to. If no parameter is passed, the float() will return the 0.0 output.

7. Define API

API stands from application programming interface. It is the main source between two or many company programs’ communication and connection. This is a software interface type that offers service to certain features of a software.

8. Explain interface’s purpose in Java

Every program has to run on a particular rule. In Java, an interface plays a similar part. It sets the abstract class for the code to follow and run. Interfaces are basically the key to set the behavior for the code execution.

Final thoughts

Coderbyte challenges aren’t too tough because with the right amount of practice, one can easily pass it. There are various DSA sheets available for you to practice, or you can also avail Coderbyte tests for the same purpose. 

Prepare well and you’ll easily crack Coderbyte tests.

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