What are Business SIP Trunks and Their Benefits?

by Telco ICT Group Telecommunications

A recent article in the New York Times described how Business SIP, or voice over Internet Protocol, could be beneficial to small businesses. In simple terms, this is a technology that enables telephone users to make telephone calls from their personal computers to other telephone numbers as well as to extensions. Essentially, this means that business owners who are situated in one part of the country can make phone calls to customers who are located in another part of the country. While the benefits of using Business SIP have been outlined in this article, it is not necessary to understand the technology in order to determine if it is right for your company. Rather, understanding how it works will give you the information you need to assess whether using a business phone system based on Business SIP is a good choice for your company.

One of the biggest benefits of using Business SIP is the ability to handle and route calls based on origination and destination. This means that you can choose to accept all calls regardless of where they originated from or who they are directed to. Additionally, with a Business SIP phone system, you are able to filter out calls based on their destination. For instance, you can block a call from going to another country simply by blocking numbers. This means that a call coming into your office from overseas may not be able to proceed until you have checked to see if you have any numbers associated with it that you are permitted to accept. In the same way, a call from a residential customer in your office may be allowed to proceed as long as you have accepted an accept/rejection list based upon the origination of the call.

Additionally, with a Voice Over IP system, you are able to route conversations between your employees and clients. Through Voice Over IP (VOIP), you can send voice messages and faxes over the Internet. Instead of printing out documents or posting voice messages in an answering machine, the user simply makes a phone call and an answering message are sent back to them. In addition, a VOIP system offers the benefit of reducing transcription costs. Many businesses use this method to record seminars, sales presentations, training sessions and lectures.

A Business SIP phone system also provides the convenience of multiple phone lines. Many companies purchase multiple phone lines for various reasons. Some businesses will assign employees their own personal lines to be used for personal matters such as email, while others assign virtual numbers to customers as a sales tool. These numbers can then be attached to business numbers for branding purposes. Since calls are routed using an IP address, both the phone and the caller's address to remain anonymous.

A Business SIP Trunk phone system comes with a variety of features designed to help you receive and make the best calls possible. For example, the call recording feature records incoming calls so you can look at them later to determine who is speaking and when. If you wish to mute a person during a call, you can do that. You can even set up a direct toll free number that customers can call to reach a live customer service agent.

You'll discover that once you have a Business SIP Trunk phone system in place, your productivity and your profitability will skyrocket. You'll be able to delegate important tasks, such as answering calls, sending emails, and handling live customer service agents, to employees working from your office. Imagine being able to use a phone to make a payment, place an order, or even schedule a meeting without having to use a computer or laptop. All of these tasks would be made easier with a business phone system.

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