What Advantages Do Dental Bridges Provide?

by Ricardo Mrozek Northmount Dental Care

For anyone seeking to get dental treatment, one of the most confusing parts of your search will be terminology. Often quite specific and confusing, you might find that one treatment is mistaken for another. For example, dental bridges have become a more common form of treatment over the last few years.

The term bridge, though, can often be seen as a rather confusing term. What does it mean?

If you are looking to fill in a gap between a tooth, then you could consider using a dental bridge.

Calgary Dental Bridges NW: What does a dental bridge provide?

·         For one, you should find that the typical dental bridge will help to provide a replacement for a missing tooth. Whether it’s to help restore general eating function or to help fill in an obvious cosmetic gap, this does the job that is intended quite well.

·         Also, it helps to improve how you speak. Many people find that with gaps in their teeth that it can cause them to speak differently: often in a negative sense. If you want to restore original function, a bridge can help to do so and avoid those odd speaking issues that can occur.

·         Your old teeth won’t move and shift, either. The gap in the teeth that now exists means that other teeth will shift, which in time will cause limitations to how you bite food and eat generally. Naturally, avoiding such an issue would be a positive for your long-term dental health.

·         You can reduce the amount of times that the bridge can shift around, too, as a bridge is permanently fixed in place. Unlike a denture, for example, this is fixed into the one location without any chance of it moving involuntarily.

However, as ever, you do have some considerations to think about with regards to potential challenges.

Calgary Dental Bridges NW: Things to consider with a dental bridge

One of the first issues that you have to think about is that a bridge which is poorly fitted can cause decay of the tooth that sits under the original crown. Also, if the supporting teeth that come with the bridge are not of strong physical balance, then it might fall in on you. This is why making sure the fitting is done by an expert is so important.

Also, remember that a bridge – once fitted – is reducing a little bit of the structure of the remaining real teeth. That means that there is a bit more to think about than merely plugging he gap and hoping for the best. If you would like to know more about how a dental bridge could help you, and what concerns need to be taken into place for your own bridge, contact our team today.

The Northmount Dental Care team can take a look at your dental bridge needs. Then, we can help you to understand whether or not it would be as helpful as expected. If so, we’ll be more than happy to help you take it further forward.  

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